Presale: defies bear market and raises money for its adult metaverse

Do not love war – And yes, this maxim also applies in cyberspace. It is with this goal in mind one of the industry leaders adult entertainment,a company Totem Media, embarks on the Web3 adventure with concrete projects and proposals. Would you like a little pink in your bear market?

This promotional item is brought to you in partnership with Totem Media.

An industry in constant growth

It will come as no surprise to read that the entertainment industry, especially for adults, is booming. The sector’s turnover exceeds 15 billion dollars. And this rapid growth, to last, requires finding ways to innovate and improve that benefit customers and content aggregators.

It is therefore somewhat natural that the same industry is interested in Web3. The goal of is to unites the community users of Totem Media products and applications via the creation of a true ecosystem coupling of a digital currency, the $DOLZ token, with NFT platforms and projects.

DOLZ – A project to unite multiple universes

At this stage, you are probably still wondering about the articulation that the project will take.

First, will be a marketplace that allows users of the iStripper application (a striptease game where it is possible to collect videos of dance shows) to exchange their trading cards. So by buying an NFT you get access to the associated video and you can trade it with other users if you wake up one morning looking for something new.

Did you know Sorare? iStripper works according to the same principle. Trading cards are just… different in nature.

DOLZ relies on the facts here: this marketplace was long requested by their users and what better way to answer them than to create a trading card game using NFTs?

Second, DOLZ users will also be able to collect and play with items for the VRParadise game, which has already been available on Steam since 2018 and boasts a whopping 100,000 players as well as very positive reviews:

Unlike many projects that seek to ride the wave of Web3/NFT and struggle to base themselves on tangible elements, the Totem Media teams have already developed functional products used by hundreds of thousands of people.

that $DOLZ token will therefore be the heart of the ecosystem which Totem-Media wants to build. It will be used for all NFT purchases and exchanges, but it will also give its holders voting rights. The community will thus be encouraged to express themselves about the next improvements that will be made to their favorite applications.

Join the presale and win exclusive NFTs

The $DOLZ token presale is still ongoing and will end on January 4th. This will be followed by a listing of the token on the Uniswap and Quickswap platforms.
Each of the investors who have participated in phase 2 (the first one has been successful) of the presale will automatically obtain one NFT for iStripper and another for VRParadise.

>> Join the fundraiser and test the future of the adult metaverse <

As a reminder of the terms of this presale, of course reserved for the adult public:
– tokens are on sale for this second phase at a price of $0.012/DOLZ
– the minimum investment amount is $100

As of this writing, more than $771,000 has been raised as part of this launch.

Round 2 of the crypto sale

Once you have your DOLZ tokens in your pocket, you can take advantage of the platform to start your adventure in the metaverse by:

  • Trading cards, more or less rare;
  • Unlocking private shows;
  • Buy and manage your clubs (we see you Yakuza players);
  • Customize your characters

Totem Media also announces thist establishment of a Play2Earn and Watch2Earn system which you agree are two innovations that happen to be particularly suitable for the entertainment industry.

Sample NFT card from's metaverse

If you want to follow the progress of the project and the announcements from the team, you will find all their contacts via their linktree page.

A virtual museum, trading cards, NFTs with rarity levels, a concrete proposal for a VR game: whether you are an amateur or just curious, one cannot deny the seriousness of the proposal made by Totem Media with : and if you help the project to continue on this momentum, and why not clear an optional place in Web3?

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