Fidelity plans to offer financial services in the metaverse and create an NFT marketplace

Asset management juggernaut Fidelity has registered several trademarks in the US for a wide range of services and products related to Web3. The trademark applications filed by the American company cover the provision of financial services in the metaverse, the organization of educational programs within these virtual worlds, but also the creation of an NFT marketplace.

Allegiance is gearing up to conquer the metaverse

December 21, Fidelity has registered 3 trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). These requests relate to provision of traditional services in virtual worlds, namely metaverses.

Documents filed by Fidelity indicate that the company may soon offer a wide range of financial services within these virtual worlds :

  • real estate investment business;
  • mutual funds;
  • pension funds;
  • investment management and financial planning;
  • etc

The company is also investigating anything that might be of concern payment in the metaverse. The submitted documents mention in particular payment of invoices, transfer of funds or even “the operational management of credit card accounts”. All this would be accompanied in advance by a digital wallet dedicated to cryptocurrencies.

In addition, one of Fidelity’s applications indicates that Fidelity may deliver educational programs in the metaverse in “organization of courses, workshops, seminars and conferences in the field of investments and marketing of financial services”.

Fidelity also appears to have plans for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).. Also according to trademark registrations, the asset manager could launch “an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of digital media, namely non-fungible tokens”. On this aspect, the company has given few details.

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The platform that simplifies trading

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A strong approach to cryptocurrencies

As Wall Street is interested in the world of cryptocurrencies, Fidelity has been one of the fastest companies to embrace the movement.t October last year, Fidelity considered consolidating with 100 additional employees its team dedicated to the Internet already consists of 400 people.

Forerunner in its category, the asset manager has allowed its institutional clients to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) since 2020. Even more surprisingly, while being the first provider of retirement savings plans in the US, Fidelity has added Bitcoin (BTC) to its investment options. So, depending on several factors, Americans can now place up to 20% of their savings account in cryptocurrencies.

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Source: US Patent and Trademark Office

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