NFT Paris takes us on board for a new edition in February 2023

If there is one unmissable event in the crypto ecosystem, it is the Paris NFT Conference, which will take place in February 2023. After a successful first edition in January 2022, Paris NFT is back this time with an XXL event. It is an iconic venue that will host the event, the Grand Palais Éphémère. So much to tell you right away, big names from the NFT community as well as leaders of big brands working for the digital revolution will parade for two days at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. We share all the details with you in the next lines.

NFTs as a real Web3 problem

NFTs have revolutionized the management of property in art. Non-Fungible Tokens, abbreviated to NFT, are digital tokens that represent ownership of works with unique characteristics. In other words, they are not interchangeable. Therefore, they cannot be replaced by each other. Being registered on the blockchain, their authenticity and unique ownership can be verified. As a reminder, an NFT can only have one owner at a time and cannot be copied. This feature has won over millions of enthusiasts who have set out to conquer this new innovation.

Some would have expected NFTs to be scrapped with the bear market. This was without factoring in the resilience of the NFT market. So according to MarketandMarkets, the estimated value of the NFT industry is worth $3 billion by 2022, with an estimated growth rate of 35%. As a result, the NFT market is expected to be worth 13.6 billion by 2027.

Also, many NFT projects are emerging. We can particularly cite Tamadoge or Battle Infinity. The craze around NFTs is very present. Take effect, their democratization now goes beyond art and video games, as they can be utilitarian or serve for exchange in certain cases. NFTs are part of the new world whose cornerstone is Web3. We therefore understand the interest in an event like NFT Paris.

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Success at the meeting for the first edition of NFT Paris

The first edition of NFT Paris saw a ” out of stock “instant in January 2022 and took place at Station F, gathering a large number of supporters of these new virtual worlds. Thus, they were able to discover Xavier Niel’s campus while benefiting from the rich interventions of professionals on various topics: metaverse, security, art, luxury. They are first-class accountants who have put their internationally recognized expertise to good use for the public.

Among the speakers who led the panel, we can mention Sébastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, Benoit Couty, co-founder of NFT Factory and Max Stöckl, co-founder of Dogami. Similarly, YouTuber Owen Simonin, aka Hasheur, made a candid take on NFTs and the metaverse.

NFT Paris is doing everything for its new edition

For this second edition of NFT Paris, 15,000 people are expected from 23 to 24 February 2023 in the French capital. Conferences, exhibitions, brand experiences and artistic installations are on the menu for this new edition. To this end, NFT Paris has pulled out all the stops. Whether it is the place where the event is to be held or the partners who will be present.

In fact, NFT Paris has collected the cream of the NFT community. The conference positions itself as a real bridge between the big names in the NFT industry and the big avant-garde brands that have decided to take the leap of innovation in Web3. Thus, LVMH, Volkswagen, L’Oréal, Shopify or even Warner Bros will be there.

In addition, NFT Paris has among its biggest supporters leaders in the crypto ecosystem such as: Ledger, SuperRare, TheSandbox, Sorare to name a few.

An extraordinary venue for an event that is anything but ordinary

It was therefore necessary an emblematic place at the height of this unique event. As the Grand Palais is being renovated to host the 2024 Olympic Games, the Grand Palais Éphémère was chosen for the occasion. Designed by Wilmotte & Associés, it is a building created in June 2021 to host exhibitions. One of its charming assets is undoubtedly its location on the Champ-de-Mars, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower..

Alexandre Tsydenkov, co-founder of the NFT Paris event, tells us this:

We wanted to get the Grand Palais Éphémère because it is a mythical place to host big fashion shows and artistic events. Having the Grand Palais Éphémère host an NFT event is a statement for NFTs, allowing big brands to really gain a foothold in this digital renaissance. »

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Leading art fixtures

Leaders major brands and leaders from the NFT community will exchange over two days to the delight of art lovers. We can mention among them:

  • John Crain, co-founder of SuperRare;
  • Sebastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox;
  • Greg Solanoco-founder of Yuga Labs;
  • Yat Siufounder and CEO of Animoca Brands;
  • Julien BouteloupFounder and CEO of Stake Capital Group, Stake DAO, Blackpool, Rekt News;
  • Ian RodgersCXO at Ledger;
  • Eric Calderonfounder and CEO of Art Blocks;
  • Pierre-Nicolas Hurstelfounder and CEO of Arianee;
  • Inna Modjahead of philanthropy at Art of Women;
  • Nicholas Juliaco-founder and CEO of Sorare;
  • Camille Kroelyglobal director of digital innovation at L’Oréal;
  • Tim WaltherMetaverse and NFT at Volkswagen;
  • Punk6529founder and CEO of 6529;
  • Nelly Mensahvice president of digital innovation at LVMH, responsible for Web3 and Metaverse;

Acclaimed artists are also expected as listeners. Claire Silver, Sarak Zucker, Krista Kim Carlos Marcial or Nahiko, among others, will be present. Find the exhaustive list of NFT Paris speakers.

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Source: NFT Paris

To conclude,

Thanks to the NFT Paris event, the French capital once again presents itself as an essential place for fashion, a true reference in terms of NFT. In addition to conferences and networks, immersive experiences will be on the agenda. You already can get your tickets at an advantageous price. It should be noted that the closer the date gets, the more the price will increase. In addition, holders of certain NFTs enjoy exceptional discounts. An event that will satisfy professionals from the sector of the traditional world and the digital world as well as all fans of art and creation.

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