Gen Z’s favorite topics for 2023

After a first edition in 2021, Instagram publishes its second trend report, which shows the interest centers of Generation Z for the coming year. This report of 1,200 social media users ages 16-24 in the United States was created in October 2022 in partnership with WGSN. Discover the 9 key themes that will make the year 2023 on Instagram.

1. Fashion: upcycling and used clothes

As climate concerns rise among Gen Z, the report tells us that sustainable fashion is a key issue for these under-25s. In this study, more than half of the young people surveyed plan to create their own clothes in 2023, thus offering themselves an alternative to fast fashion. Thrifty and thrifty, this generation wants to save money and use creativity in the coming year.

2. Social justice: activism and attitudes

In 2023, a large proportion of the surveyed young people aged 16-24 will support causes that are important to them. This militant and passionate generation is more and more inclined to financially support various causes and defend communities. While 30% of America’s Generation Z is of voting age, they choose instead to express themselves with their wallets directly on platforms like Instagram. This generation has strong opinions and places special emphasis on disability issues.

3. Beauty: original make-up as a way of expression

Through makeup and beauty products, Gen Z finds a great way to express themselves here. By 2023, more and more people are likely to buy and use makeup with the purpose of expressing their personality rather than enhancing their physique or beauty. They are also sensitive to environmental influences on their skin and will consume protective care, against e.g. the effects of the sun.

4. Web3: metaverse and custom avatars

In the metaverse, Generation Z can build a virtual world and express themselves however they want. She also expects more equity in these spaces. As such, 67% of surveyed users believe that avatars should represent them better, for example through their skin color and clothing style. For these young adults, fashion and beauty from an artificial intelligence perspective are exciting. It is therefore no wonder that half of this generation’s socialites plan to draw inspiration from it in the coming months, through digital avatars.

5. Economy: make money on social networks

Nearly two-thirds of respondents plan to monetize social media by 2023. This trend report indicates that money management knowledge and skills are very important to them. They are also more than half willing to monetize their content on Instagram. Paradoxically, today’s content creators do it more to express themselves and have fun.

More than 85% of Gen Zers plan to learn a skill by 2023, and 1 in 4 want to increase their financial skills.

6. Food: world cultures and cuisines

Generation Z explores culture through cooking: 68% try a new recipe after discovering it online on social media. Thanks to food influencers, this generation uses Instagram as a gateway to new horizons.

7. Creators: meeting with content creators

The socionauts interviewed in this report are happy to materialize their virtual relationships and meet the people they follow. Almost a third of them are impatiently waiting to meet their favorite influencer in real life. On the other hand, content in 2023 will evolve towards other formats. For example, more than 40% of surveyed subscribers want to follow podcasts offered by their favorite content creators.

8. Music: international and festive music

Music offers 16-24 year olds another way to express themselves and escape. They are ready, through that and musical events like raves, to let go and live in the moment.

68% of Gen Z social media users plan or want to attend a rave in 2023.

They especially appreciate international music and more than half want to listen to a non-English-speaking artist in 2023. They have a broad view of music and are interested in music genres such as K-Pop and Latin, among other things from the Instagram culture.

9. Dating: virtual meetings based on astrology

Instagram is the new dating app for this generation that is happy to break the ice online. For her, private messaging offers more transparency, honesty and continues to foster their romantic and friendly connections. Interested in astrology and horoscopes, more than half of them reject a deal if the person has an astrological chart that is incompatible with theirs.

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