It’s cold outside, it’s freezing for SMEs, it’s snowmelt for European start-ups and the EEC is missing its metaverse. Sleep well people, everything is fine

SMEs and ETIs are threatened by sky-high electricity bills.

It’s cold, so my article this week will be very short. It’s cold in France, I saw it on TV, which comforts me in my choice of life in Miami, lulled by the effects of global warming. More seriously, the weather had been kind to a point that almost made one believe in divine intervention to offset the potential effects of the Ukrainian crisis on the lack of energy and its astronomical price. But even the divine exercises for a fixed period, and now the temperature will test the austerity of French consumption, which seems exemplary. Since Covid, the French has obeyed everything, to the letter, the shorn sheep saves its wool, the 68 generation is definitely lost. It is mandatory to prohibit and under the cobblestones, other cobblestones!

Some good news. Sorry, ONE piece of good news, just one, France has beaten the English, which certainly pleases Napoleon, posthumously. She will now face Morocco, a country close to my heart, where I spent many years, and my heart will waver a little, but here in Miami we are all French when it comes to sports, even the most critical of for us, me first. Whoever wins, there will be a loser… our country, which in either case will be ravaged by all those whom the Moroccans of Morocco themselves deeply hate, I can testify to that, namely, all its petty suburban rascals who will come to set Paris and other cities on fire and blood the moment the game’s final whistle is blown. Thus, the forces of order, if they are ever summoned, will have the pleasure of participating in a méchoui as always, but without meat. Only the flames.

Meanwhile, this eliminates a conundrum for VSEs and SMEs. Rolled over by the management of the Covid crisis, where it was led to believe that PGEs and other partial aid would make it possible to save the activities, to better camouflage the misery thus created, they suddenly fall and their existence melts like snow in the sun. Not only do they file a lot of bankruptcy, but they are in such a state that they almost never go through the recovery box. We go straight to prison, we don’t pass place 1, we don’t touch €20,000 and we liquidate without discussion. This is an unprecedented fact, it is the first time that the situation does not even allow RJ.

Unheard of, at a time when Véran’s successor, the former Minister of Disease, sees his successor announce to us, with the same aplomb as his predecessor, that we are dying again massively from Covid, resuming the account of both the exploitation of fear and the trading of statistics, which recent months (and INSEE statistics) have shown to be false and exaggerated. And to give us the injection mandate again, to offer the French to subscribe again to the “series of vaccines on health netflix”, to make the syringe available to you for the 5th, and why not the 6th or 7th time. A vaccine so effective that it takes a booster every 3 months, as Israeli studies (among others) have since shown that after 5 weeks it is almost without effect. There must still be shares to sell, as Europe has planned infinite reserves, as part of a contract it still refuses to disclose, but which has thankfully emerged thanks to the magic of the Internet and Snowden’s heirs.

Meanwhile, here Governor de Santis, possible future president of the United States, has just launched a commission of inquiry to understand how the 76% increase in heart attacks among 18-45 year olds could possibly be linked to the vaccine. To be continued. Above all, get vaccinated against stupidity and enjoy the holidays, you won’t die from Covid, but rather from excess foie gras!

Other good news? You just have to ask. Post-Covid is characterized by an acute but well-hidden financial crisis, public services. These organizations are completely bloodless and asked to save what we foolishly spent suffocating our country under the dictatorship of containment and economic shutdown. Europe (with the exception of Sweden, a country that resisted confinement) is marked by a sharp decline in its supplies, especially those that benefited from innovation. And then to our rare unicorns.

These consequently show an unprecedented devaluation of almost DKK 400 billion. You heard right, 400 billion. Went up in smoke! At the same time, they are experiencing a decline, not observed since 2009, in investments by investors, public and private, afraid of the consequences of the crisis in Ukraine, and who do not see the end of the conflict, which Europe does not want to stop by negotiation and his stubbornness to to topple Putin (unsuccessfully). Valuations look gray below Giroud does Griezmann (I couldn’t resist, sorry!). Thus, all these companies, which rested the meager hope of not letting Europe lose even a small chance, will remain in the race for international innovation, wither or vegetate, in this kingdom where Ursula screams in full delirium about themes that she has neither mandate or authority to. She would do better to deal with this significant concern for the future.

Let’s end with some dark humor. Seeing Ursula leave on the 5thth dimension, the Europe of technocrats, who doubt nothing, believed in its competence to create a Metaverse. Yes, you heard that right, technocrats full of buzzwords that they only understand the meaning of in Latin thought they could ascend their own Metaverse. A few million later, who must have been made happy by one of those brilliant big companies that they leave everything to (we’re not supposed to make start-ups or SMEs work anyway!!!) and the funeral date is already determined. . Nobody uses it, its design is a disaster, the experience is close to the short disk, humor and banter less. This is a landmark project to demonstrate the arrogance of these Europeans who think to do from their cubicle what the best start-ups in the world are struggling to do, with their best programmers. They dare everything!

I look forward to next week to bring you, I hope, more rosy news from blue planet France this coming week. I hope so, but despite the fact that I don’t look like Anne, I don’t see anything coming!!

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