NTF, metaverse and the disappearance of Vitalik Buterin – celebrating Christmas in 2035 [Crypto Dystopie]

What will our world look like in 2035? – Our favorite cryptos will they be gone or will they be more than ever at the heart of our lives? Will the Bitcoin blockchain or NFTs have changed the face of the world forever? We had fun throughout little stories, to imagine our world in the not-so-distant future. The story that follows is fictionalized, imaginary, without any pretense of guessing the future. Have fun with us and board the DeLorean JDC, direction 2035!

Warning, Vitalik has disappeared

24 December 2035, tours, at 8:30 a.m. – It is snowing this morning on the roofs of Tours. Thick snow that whitened the alleys and the roof of Olivier’s car stopped at a red light on the way to work.

—… We just heard about the disappearance of the genius of web3, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of the network we all know, Ethereum, the foundation of our modern infrastructure. The first rumors speak of a kidnapping late yesterday at his home…

– But move your cart, can’t you see that the light is green? gets angry Olivier.

He doesn’t have much to do, his day is overloaded. Not content with taking on his own workload, he must fill in for his boss, who has gone on holiday to Courchevel. And besides, Marguerite asked him to get the Christmas tree while he’s poaching so he can’t finish late.

12:10 – Marguerite is comfortably seated on her sofa watching her favorite programme, Who will win an NFT? presented by Jean-Pierre Flocon. As a result, one of the famous monkeys in Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), rare collector’s items highly sought after by the French. At the same time, she sees the new NFT collection from her favorite fashion brand on her mobile, Victoria’s Mystery.

NFTs, Kings of the Metaverse in 2035?

A message from the coin journal will then appear:

‘Breaking: Vitalik removed, Ethereum blockchain in panic!’

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In 2035, youth live in the metaverse

Théo, his son, is in his room, engrossed in the endgame P2E Cup Survivor. A virtual competition that takes place in the Jungle of Hulm, a planet covered with forests inside The universeThe only one global metaverse where an infinity of worlds exist side by side. In the Universe, an avatar of yourself is created in the metaverse at birth and follows you throughout your life.

Theo is sweating profusely, hidden behind a stump, while the sound of gunfire echoes not far from his ears. With only a few life points left, he is being hunted by Arcade, the #1 Survivor Guild. And she has made it her mission to eradicate her little maple guild. If he manages to last another 30 minutes, he will win his place for the final stages.

15:15 – Oliver moans. That bank AAVE just called. He must immediately approve a number of transfers of primary importance. But the procedure to release the funds to the various hardware wallets of NBB Bank is difficult…

A December 24, mind you! And with this cursed kidnapping, everyone is in a panic.

– They all gave their word today, my word! breathes Olivier and grabs his phone to call the technical department.

– I hope José is here, otherwise…

By 2035, traditional banks have disappeared in favor of crypto banks.
By 2035, crypto banks have replaced traditional banks

In 2035, the French love NFTs

18:27 – Olivier, his beautiful polished shoes full of snow, rushes along the rue Edouard Vaillant. Le Fournil closes at 6:30 tonight for Christmas Eve and he needs his Christmas diary at all costs. Otherwise, Marguerite will complain and he will hear about it until the New Year.

– Before hell! Damn ice cream! he exclaims as he puts his foot on a patch of frost, almost tipping backwards.

– Hello, I’m coming to pick up my order, he says, barely closing the bakery door as he tries to catch his breath.

— Good morning, sir, replies the surprised baker. Our special “Crypto Christmas Log” is that right?

– This one, yes. There’s the “it doesn’t smell like a fir tree” NFT from the “It’s cake” series, right? My wife collects them.

19.00 – Olivier, with his hands taken, slams the door of the house with his foot.

– Honey, I was thinking about the stutter!

– Still happy, it exclaims. Do you also have my NFT?

19:50 – The fire crackles in the fireplace, the fir tree garlands sparkle, their light reflecting on the seafood and the stuffed chicken that Marguerite has ordered. Brenda Lee sings her famous “Rockin’ Around The Chrismas Tree…” in the background. A perfect painting that Marguerite rushes to publish on Instagram right next to her NFT “it doesn’t smell like a fir tree”. Théo, his Holo helmet still on his head, celebrates New Year’s Eve on the planet Christmas Eve from The Universe, where Sans ta Close, a trendy dj.

2035, the explosion of Play to Earn

Olivier, with his eyes cast into his laptop, analyzes the timetable for NFTclic start-upwhich is about to launch its crypto, the CLICK. The app puts players in competition on small games with basic gameplay to win NFTs and soon CLICKS. Players are ranked against each other each month based on their scores. They can join guilds and chat with each other. Olivier liked the concept and the struggle to try to get the best results at Pil Poil Clic and Yeti Clic.

Play to Earn and NFT have entered the everyday life of citizens, especially the younger generations.
By 2035, the general public has become a fan of Play to Earn (P2E) and NFT

23:10 – As Theo dips his spoon into his portion of the cryptologist, a notification appears on Marguerite’s cell phone. Olivier just sent him one NFT pass for planet-hotel Diamant, a sumptuous piece of paradise in the Universe, known for its virtual massage treatments.

Olivier’s cell phone turns on without him noticing, too busy kissing Marguerite. This is a notice from the Journal du Coin:

‘Breaking: We found Vitalik! He celebrates Christmas with his family, he will come back after the holidays. “You also have to know how to enjoy life,” he said.

NFT soon at the center of our lives? One thing is for sure, technology seems to be leading us towards an increasingly virtual future. With the risk of also democratizing the other party, an increasingly strong break in social ties in this web, which is the world around us. Will this future, both exciting in some ways and depressing in others, see the light of day? Even us who went look into 2035 we are still in doubt.

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