Aave acquires Sonar, a mobile metaverse project

Aave continues the development of its Lens Protocol ecosystem thanks to the acquisition of the mobile metaverse Sonar. It thus joins the panel of Web3 social networking applications offered by Lens.

Aave Companies acquires Sonar

The diversification of Aave’s activities in social networks is no secret, and this is reflected in the Lens Protocol. Aave Companies, the company responsible for developing the ecosystem, has just confirmed this ambition with the purchase of Sonar :

Launched in 2020 and available on iOS, Sonar is intended as a mobile metaverse. Stani Kulechov, the founder of Aave showed his enthusiasm for the arrival of this project in the Lens ecosystem:

“We are excited to have the Sonar team join our Lens team to accelerate our social media and mobile app strategy.”

To date, Sonar’s flagship product a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) called “Moji”. Mojis represent 3D emojis that act as avatars in Sonar games. According to OpenSea, the activity in this collection has also benefited from the advertising 51 sales in total during the day Mondaywhereas this value rarely exceeded two units per day until then.

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A growing ecosystem

After six months of closed beta, Lens Protocol is already making claims over 105,000 user profiles and over 7.8 million gasless transactions. Sonar must join the panel of applications revolving around the Lens Protocol, such as Lenster, Lenstube or Lensta for example, each with their own specificities.

Owners of a Moji NFT can too create their Lens profile in the next 14 days to join and experience the ecosystem.

For its part, the founding team of Sonar will continue to work on the project. For example, Randolph Lee, one of the co-founders, becomes the chief engineer, while his brother Ben South Lee takes on the role of vice president of the “Products and Design” department. The latter was also proud of this new start:

“We love Aave’s approach to social media via the Lens protocol. It became clear to us that all the foundations to truly transform the way we connect online are there at Lens. »

So we see with this latest news that Aave continues to place his balls, to become a mainstay of Web3, whose values ​​are particularly important for the content creation dimension. Regarding the decentralized finance aspect (DeFi), we can also highlight great progress, with in particular the imminent arrival of the GHO stablecoin or the adoption of the protocol by traditional financial giants such as JP Morgan.

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Source: Lens Protocol

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