Metaversity – The school becomes truly virtual – K-Metaverse 2022

As part of K-Metaverse 2022, we interviewed several startups in the world of VR, AR and XR. Metaverse Content Global Cooperation is a project supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT of South Korea to enable national metaverse companies to expand internationally. The seventh company we met is METACAMP. A Korean startup that wants to change the world of online learning with Metaversity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed society, where typical forms of communication are online rather than face-to-face, including online training. In fact, distance education is no longer a new model. Many years ago, on Vietnamese TV channels, there were educational programs on TV, teachers who gave lectures, were recorded and then broadcast. But we were also able to learn with books before the internet or with podcasts.

At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the development of technology, with online conferencing platforms such as Zoom, MS Team. Online learning has taken a big leap forward when participants in classrooms can interact, communicate with each other instead of just passively viewing images.

After many hardships to overcome, this kind of learning has become so popular that even now the COVID-19 pandemic has been temporarily brought under control and students all over the world have gone to school, the model. This learning is still sustained in some cases by its ease of use and efficiency.

Metaversity by MetaCamp is not just an online learning space, but gives the impression of a fantastic game universe, where each one owns a planet, into the ecosystem is a school, with a selection full of rooms. Boards, playgrounds, shelves are designed in bright colors.

In the Metaversity ecosystem, each individual can choose their own “avatar”, an astronaut, a scholar, an artist, this is how they express their individual self, as sometimes when we are shy to show it in the world really.

The Metaversity learning ecosystem offers students everything from classrooms, lectures to recreational activities. Students walk the distance between the lecture hall and the foyer and even see a live music performance where artists are encoded live in vibrant digital images.

Just like in the game, students in Metaversity can also see, meet and communicate with other classmates who appear in the same room.

Moreover, with online learning, with just a smartphone or a computer, students can easily go to the library, find lectures, even have fun and exchange at any time. This is the advantage of online learning, which breaks down the “physical barriers” of traditional face-to-face learning.

It is also the point that makes the e-learning ecosystem more interactive and engaging than just online classrooms, bringing excitement to students, overcoming stereotypes of being “not serious” for students. With a colorful interface, as lively as the game world.

Metaversity is currently used in 63 Korean universities with varying degrees of coverage. For a time hungry for new things, the founders of Metaversity hope to be able to expand the program to other countries. Currently, the service is in Korean and English and will adapt to customers’ wishes.

By the end of winter, schools will be able to personalize their spaces to resemble reality or have their own image and atmosphere. More info on their site.

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