Emotionwave MUTA – Organize your music concert in VR! K-Metaverse 2022

As part of K-Metaverse 2022, we interviewed several startups in the world of VR, AR and XR. Metaverse Content Global Cooperation is a project supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT of South Korea to enable national metaverse companies to expand internationally. The third company we met is Emotionwave through an interview with Jang Soon Chul. A Korean startup offering MUTA, concerts and music streaming in VR.

What is Emotionwave?

Emotionwave is an AI-based metaverse company founded in 2013. Under the slogan “Merging Art and Technology”, they are creating a new culture where everyone can easily enjoy creative activities.

They have many technologies related to the metaverse:

  • Music generation by artificial intelligence
  • Live streaming media
  • Musical Performance Robotics
  • Virtual human production
  • Virtual performance production
  • NFT
  • And metaverse services

Representative services include the AI ​​Music Platform “ RHYME “, the NFT metaverse entertainment platform” LOVELY “, the metaverse AI music education platform” MEW “, the live multimedia streaming platform” VISCOOP and other services such as web/app service planning and development and music/performance software development.

RHYME means” Robotic instrumental music for everyone and refers to six types of artificial intelligence robotic instruments that create and play songs on their own. All with an artificial intelligence that has learned from 100,000 songs and performances of real acoustic instruments. Currently, RIMA consists of piano, drums, guitar, bass, marimba and percussion, and will develop several different AI robot instruments in the future.

We mainly discussed another service with Jang Soon Chul, BRIBE. A general public platform for all music lovers. Both those who produce it and those who listen to it, which can turn into a VR version of Soundcloud.

Why is MUTA a unique solution?

BRIBE is therefore a web 3.0 based music metaverse platform. You can consider it as the ultimate ultimate service that combines all the services of RIMA, VISCOOP, AIMPLE and MEW in one single platform.

BRIBE provides a virtual space with personal avatars for midfoot activities. Creators can thus offer their music and publish albums, produce music videos, dramas and films, organize concerts and events, distribute music and videos. On the consumer side, you can enjoy various activities such as music lessons, games and NFT purchases. But also to discover all this content, either live or on demand.

Different activities within the metaverse are connected not only online but also offline. They plan to create an economic ecosystem in blockchain and with NFTs to achieve a connection to the real economy.

The solution, in addition to changing the musical world, meets the demand for concerts, which is increasing, but whose costs are becoming higher and often do not bring in money. MUTA costs 1000 times less to organize a concert. Everyone can thus arrange their own little concert, and real concerts or festivals are regularly set up. Granted, only Korea for now.

Emotionwave is currently funding a performance in New York, which is expected to take place in 2023. The company is also working on a metaverse concert involving a popular K-pop star featured in MUTA, similar to Travis Scott’s Fortnite performance.

The company also pursues partnerships with labels, entertainment companies, famous intellectual property holders and universities to bring its services to overseas markets. The aim is to export to USA, UK and Vietnam, an English version should be available within 6 months. Android, iOS and PC versions are in beta and should be joined by an Oculus version this summer.

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