L’OFFICIEL collaborates with The Sandbox

We went to the edition of the Cannes Film Festival, which took place from May 17 to 28, 2022. Cointribune took advantage of this event to discover new projects. It is therefore in a relaxed atmosphere that we offer you an interview with the founders of the project as well as a detailed article about it.

From paper to digital. L’OFFICIEL makes its virtual debut with the acquisition of its first land in the metaverse The Sandbox. This project is part of the celebration of the company’s centenary, which the magazine wants to mark with a white stone. But beyond that, L’OFFICIEL is convinced that the metaverse has the potential to radically reshape the world of fashion.

L’OFFICIEL, now a hundred years old and always at the forefront of the latest trends, has decided to enter the metaverse. The fashion magazine has signed an agreement with The Sandbox to make this transition to virtual reality a reality. L’OFFICIEL buys its first land, named Fashion Dune. The latter will act as a podium to present innovative fashion collections to users. The land will also include a digital theater to present the magazine’s 100-year history through fashion and cultural exhibitions.

L’OFFICIEL collaborates with The Sandbox and flirts with the metaverse.

True to its avant-garde image, the magazine has opted for a fascinating lunar landscape for its virtual universe. A truly magnificent collection of the most emblematic magazine covers from its hundred years of existence adorns it. Fashion Dune was created by Benjamin Eymère (Chief Metaverse Officer of AMTD parent company), as well as Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget (founders of The Sandbox). The project, which was announced last May, was due to launch in September.

In a friendly atmosphere, you can discover our interview with the founders of the project during the edition of the Cannes Film Festival 2022.

Fashion Dune is part of a series of Web3 project initiatives. Releasing an issue solely dedicated to the metaverse in June, hosting virtual and IRL events (in real life) exclusive, launch of wearables Unreleased Dogami NFTs… L’OFFICIEL saw big things for his “launch in the future“, in his own words. The magazine wants to rethink content sharing through the metaverse. It also and above all strives to offer an interactive and immersive experience to its community.

Immersion is the essence of the metaverse. But even more, this technology allows customization to the highest degree, as each user has access to their own experience offered by the brand. Another component is the gamification of the experience, which is already part of the daily life of millennials and Generation Z. This interest will increase the crescendo over the next 10 years. The metaverse and gamification clearly represent a new phase in the development of the fashion industry.

The virtual at the service of the real

L’OFFICIEL bets on the metaverse and the way in which it cancels the boundary between the real and the virtual. And it works for him on so many levels. Immersive experiences of this type provide, among other things, the opportunity to create more engagement. The metaverse also provides consumers with opportunities for discovery. Technology presents itself as an incentive factor to discover the magazine from a different angle through this 3D parallel world.

By partnering with The Sandbox, L’OFFICIEL is one of the companies anticipating the spectacular transformation unleashed by the metaverse. Overall, the idea is to extend the physical presence of brands into three-dimensional virtual spaces. The magazine enables its community to move seamlessly between virtual and physical environments, contributing to retailers’ omnichannel approach.

L’OFFICIEL sees the metaverse as the next platform for sharing and collaboration. The magazine leads consumers to completely redesigned experiences. Although the metaverse is still in its infancy, the novelty and intrigue created by the ecosystem is appealing enough to pique the interest of users. Leveraging this technology makes it possible to build a more solid reputation and privileged relationship with consumers. The revolution of the fashion industry is underway.

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