Casino creates bridges between metaverse and physical world

that Casino group develops a sophisticated strategy around metaverse and Web3with one conviction: the complementarity with the existing in a logic ofomnichannel. Testimony of Stephanie Zolesiomanaging director of Casino property.

The initiatives Web3 swarm within Casino group. Monoprix has e.g. launched NFT collections and organized acculturation workshops in Parisian stores. That New Basementwhich will soon have three stores, also offers non-fungible tokens.

However, these tokens are not speculative. They constitute deeds on wine bottles sold by the wine merchant. These different group projects are part of the same thing exploration or test & learn strategy. “We are learning,” said Stephanie Zolesiomanaging director of Casino propertyduring IMagin Day Metaverse.

Convergences between stores and metaverse plots

The brand’s interest is not limited to the field of metaverse. According to its manager, a real estate agent, the tokenization also opens up many opportunities for its professions. On the metaverse side, it is undoubtedly with the Club Leader Price tag that Casino has pushed its experiments the furthest.

And for Stéphanie Zolésio, there is nothing surprising Casino property or in the cockpit.

We create spaces where brands can express themselves. Until now, these spaces have been more physical. The metaverses may seem very distant, but in reality we are on the same logic and methodologies”, she reasons.

Thus, the main task of aggregating customer flow continues virtual world. There are other convergences, including the possibility to buy land, plots in the universe of the metaverse and develop them to dealers – starting with those in the group.

“We also cooperate with other partner retailers. We have always had this corner culture in the store. This is something that can also be developed in metaverse », Considers the daily manager. In order to imagine this future development, it is therefore important to test.

Club leader award adapted to experiments

To this end, Casino has favored more general metaverse platforms compared to other highly game oriented ones. The company therefore owns several plots, especially on The sandbox.

In a test and learn approach, it is important not to put all your eggs in one basket,” emphasizes Stéphanie Zolésio.

It still remained to define the right use cases, that is, specially adapted to the right brand. Be careful not to don’t shoot down a brand image or DNA “. Casino has found an ideal candidate: the Club leader award. The brand has been in full transformation since 2020 and the sale of the brand’s 515 stores to a competitor.

The club leader award is therefore now a “startup” and an e-handler. For the manager, this “brand under construction (…) more agile and flexible” constituted a ” large playground “. With customers connected, it was also “more favorable reason” for Web3 experiments.

This customer communitybeing very active on social networks, eager for promotions and showing a “high degree of community engagement” had common features with the profiles of users of metaverse platforms.

Prepare internally, in all departments, for the explosion of the metaverse

In pushing these experiments, Casino has also mobilized internally, beyond the innovation and marketing teams. Finance, accounting, legal are also affected by Web3. The group therefore endeavors through its test & learn approach to build and prepare for the explosion of the metaverse.

Because we are convinced that it will explode […] Then we must be ready”, insists Stéphanie Zolésio.

For the club leader award, Casino has implemented a complete project based on one belief: the complementarity between the physical and virtual worlds. That’s the principleomnichanneldear to retailers, and which the metaverse therefore does not question.

“We weren’t looking to create a purely digital thing. Our intention was to bring the consumer back to the pre-existing experience of our brands, stores, websites […] We use the metaverse, not to oppose what we have built, but to complete it”.

The result is therefore one play to earn on the Sandbox. But to work, it was important to create connections between virtual and real and to introduce an effort. A completely virtual win would not add more to the branding of an already existing brand, believes the general manager of Casino Immobilier.

Back and forth between physical and virtual for use

With this in mind, it has therefore developed a mechanism built around physical and virtual back and forth. Participation in the game thus requires that you are a customer of Club Leader Price. The option of play-to-earn to carry out a recruitment operation. After an order, a consumer is asked to express interest in playing in the metaverse.

He then receives, together with his order, a ticket for scanning in the form of a QR code. This is a pass that gives access to the casino grounds in The Sandbox. By participating in the game, the consumer can win digital goods corresponding to promotions valid on his orders. It is a new link between physical and virtual. And it’s not the only one.

To design its game, Casino called on a studio. The brand did not want to internalize this skill at the moment.

At the beginning of this adventure, we have no faith either on which blockchain to go, or on which system. We absolutely want to remain agnostic until the testing and learning is complete.”

By choosing general metaverse platforms with simplified graphics, Casino has also made a technical choice to reach the widest possible target. There is no need to have powerful equipment, as is often the case in the world of game. The codes for the video game are nevertheless present. They are a way to “demonstrate what web3 is allowed to do”. Casino has supplemented these codes with those for its brand and sector.

Collectable and upgradeable avatars that grant perks

That playful nature of the system developed for the Club Leader Price is also an opportunity to engage its community. Members have the opportunity to collect items, earn ranks and win discounts, QR codes.

In July, the distributor further supplemented its system by integrating avatar. And also there are the connections between physical and virtual omnipresent. These avatars, 10 in total, correspond to operational or retail departments. The delivery person allows you to take advantage of free delivery. Vinbonden gives a discount in the wine department, etc.

Avatars allow you to play, but also to take advantage of promotions. And these are the characters NFT, offered free of charge to customers. Free was a belief.

It aimed to demonstrate “that NFTs are not only a very expensive and speculative thing. Above all, it can be used and it will only work if it is useful,” defends Stéphanie Zolésio.

Easy wallet creation without blockchain reference

By offering its customers the opportunity to “claim” or claim these NFTs, the brand has registered genuine interest. 30% of the recipients of his e-mails have thus claimed their NFT. And in order to take possession of it, Casino has chosen to facilitate the process. Forgot about creating a Metamask wallet and “its 25 steps”.

The company has made a white label application with a partner (Arianee, although the name is not given). This mobile app on iOS and Android is a wallet. In “3 clicks”, after scanning a QR code, the customer can save his avatar there, to play, use it on the brand’s e-commerce or exchange it.

Our role is to popularize, to democratize and above all to facilitate access”. It is done with this wallet on the mobile. Consumers can collect the various avatars available. Once the collection is complete, they will enjoy exclusive benefits.

Additionally, these avatars can evolve. “The more it is used, the more it grows”, and with it the associated benefits. The vintner will, for example, give the right to -5%, then -10 and -15% as it grows.

Casino in the next Alpha of The Sandbox

Casino is ready for this first experiment. However, implementation is slow. The game has been complete since March, unlike The Sandbox platformer. This is still inside Beta and it is open to players throughout seasons. For each season, the publisher selects “global experiences”.

“At the time it was not so clear and we were hoping to get out a little faster,” laments the director of Casino. In the meantime, the brand has therefore organized itself communication on social networks, especially offering the services of an influencer on Twitch (55K retweets and a very satisfying ROI). She also took advantage of this waiting period to introduce her avatars.

If this setback caused frustration, Stéphanie Zolésio confirms having received the assurance that the game will work well in the next Alpha of The Sandbox. However, the date has not been specified yet.

This effective launch will act as a baptism of fire for the entity, which is billed as “both a recruitment, engagement, loyalty and community activation program”.

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