Metaverse and churches: a new kind of virtual world

VR Church Bible is one of many spiritual spaces in development metaverse. It has seen its size and popularity increase dramatically during the pandemic. COVID-19.

Founded in the United States in 2016 by DJ Sotoa priest based in FredericksburgVirginia, VR Church Bible has seen its number of participants increase steadily year after year.

Some religious people said “Hey! I want to help and volunteer” and then there was an epiphany and I think we started a new type of church“, said DJ Soto.

We have all the features of a physical church, or what you define as a physical church, and we express it here in the metaverse“.

As they increased the number of services each week, DJ Soto said it was like one psychological change.

We are no different from other churches, whether physical or metaverse” he said, explaining that they “now interacting with hundreds of people in living worship. Our influence certainly numbers in the thousands“.

“Make scripts more meaningful”

Garrett Bernalwho attended the event for the first time and identifies as a member of the Chruch of Latter Day Saints, applauded and praised the construction of the church in virtual reality.

They have 3d art so they installed verses everywhere and they installed 3d artwork for them“, he said.

I was able to read the verses, especially these buildings, and I was able to see a rendering of the verse I was reading, which made the manuscripts much more meaningful to me“.

Sir. Soto believes that the future of church attendance lies in the metaverse because “it makes it possible to reach people who cannot physically go to church“, he declared.

Alina Delp is one of those people. IN 2010He was diagnosed with an illness neurovascular who confined her to his home.

When you have a chronic illness and can no longer participate in what others are doing, people slowly but surely drift away. So it was just me, my husband and our cats“, she says.

The VR church has changed that, she believes.

All of a sudden you have the power back. Suddenly we are important again. Suddenly you are human again” she said, crying.

Suddenly you feel like you can do anything in the world, when you were told again and again that you couldn’t do anything more..”

RV better than being in a physical church?

Delp was ordained as a priest in the VR Church and was one of many baptized there. However, some have questioned the validity of virtual sacraments, such as baptism, performed in the Metaverse.

Theological reflections are like our bodies and matter in part because God came in human form and showed great compassion and empathy for people“, said Paul Raushenbush of Interfaith Youth Core.

So as we increasingly meet in digital spaces, what are the consequences?“.

Christian theologians have yet to consider what this means when they meet in digital spaces“, he added.

But while some wonder if a church can really exist in virtual reality, others find that the experience can be equal to and sometimes better than a physical church.

Many congregations – and this includes all denominations, all religions – believe that the building has significance“, said Jeremy Nickellfounder from Evolvra meditation room in the Metaverse.

They think the church is the building, or the mosque is the building, or the temple is the building. The church, the temple, the mosque or the synagogue, it’s the people, it’s the things you do together, it’s how you change the world together. And so we don’t have this illusion“.

Soto explains that it’s not about avataror how they choose to look, but of the true mind-to-mind connection that takes place in the metaverse and its spiritual spaces such as VR Church.

It’s just crazy what we can do now. I can’t imagine what it will look like in eight years“, he declared.

Article translated from English

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