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Gone are the days when Joseph Hazan and his family grew pastraweed to save their butcher shop in the Marais. After two quite fun and effective seasons, Igor Gotesman ends his Family business in a third chapter charged with saying goodbye to Hazan. This wacky family comedy was already arguably one of Netflix’s best French series, at least much more accomplished (and less problematic) than heart card and heresy Marseilles. It must be said that the fiction raised on THC could be based on a high-class comic duo of Jonathan Cohen and Gérard Darmon.

In this third and final season, Hazan faces their biggest hardship since the launch of the beucherie. After escaping from prison, they fall into the hands of Catherine and her son Léonard (Raphaël Quenard, brilliant), a psychopathic teenager in need of affection who wants to sell the organs of Joseph and his relatives to Russian mobsters. At the same time, Aïda, Clémentine and Youssef lead their investigation in Paris to find and rescue Hazans. Time is running out for the amateur bicravers, who have no idea that Catherine, Gérard’s new girlfriend, is playing a double game with them.

Stoned like never before

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If Hazan has almost quit the weed business, this Season 3 is paradoxically the most branded of the three. Igor Gotesman pushes the hood very far to finish his series, both in terms of the valves and the action. Held against their will by a Colombian (or rather Corsican) cartel, the Hazans are up against the wall and breaking completely. Over the course of the episodes, we encounter hallucinogenic mushrooms, an oversized penis, a hungry tiger, and Nazi surgeons straight out ofUS 117 in a happy mess not always very believable but definitely fun.

Family business can above all count on the talent of its actors, especially two. There is obviously Jonathan Cohen and his impeccable humor timing, irresistible with his clownish facial expressions and grimaces. But this season, the palm of the valve necessarily goes to Louise Coldefy, the interpreter of the crazy Clémentine, a colorful character who is never afraid to think out loud. The actress throws hilarious punchlines at every appearance and blasts the screen with very bad taste jokes that clearly secures the show in this final season.

Too hard, this final chapter of Hazan’s life plunges fundamentally into the absurd, even if it sometimes means getting lost along the way. Already at the base, it was sometimes difficult to stick to the beucherie concept, but the mix between comedy, mafia series and family drama definitely deviates from all reality in this season 3. Igor Gotesman and his actors are having fun and you can see it on the screen : helicopter scenes, parody of Koh Lanta (with Denis Brogniart in a cameo, please), shots, hallucinatory sequences bordering on the weird… Fans of the series will fully appreciate this delirium where anything is allowed, a metaphor for a long, very long joint , which lasts for six episodes.

The funniest at the end? Yes and no, because we appreciated the feelings of certain secondary characters, almost absent here, in the first seasons, Ludmila and Aure in the lead. The presence of a reflection on contemporary social discourses (decriminalization of hashish, Aure’s homosexuality, intimate relationships among seniors) has completely disappeared in favor of humor and curiosity. Even the last sequence of the series is a joke when we would have liked to witness a touching family scene between the reunited Hazans. The episodes sometimes seem a little rushed for the sake of the joke, though the mojo off Family business has always been ultimately quite easy and naive.

However, the series’ THC recipe will leave us with fond memories, thanks to a hard-hitting cast and endearing characters. After Fiveconfirms Igor Gotesman’s talent for gathering bands of warm friends and making us believe for a while that we share their lives. Family business will remain one companion sincere, funny and cute series, regardless of whether you like to float in front of your screen in the company of Marie-Jeanne.

The three seasons of Family business are available in their entirety on Netflix.

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