Carrefour implements Google’s Business Messages in 1,230 Hyper and Market stores

Thanks to Google’s corporate messages, the vicinity finally arrives in France. The installation of crossroads of this Google innovation in 1,230 stores in France represents the largest penetration in Europe in the retail sector and the largest in France. Facilitated by integration with the platform CriticCarrefour continues to accelerate in the digital area to put the customer at the center.


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Since June 15, the system has been in place for everyone Carrefour Market and Hyper. This is the first major rollout of Google’s Business Messages in mass retailing in Europe and the largest in France across all sectors. After a promising pilot that started last summer in 30 stores, the results have proven the tool’s effectiveness. Google’s Business Messages allow customers to contact their points of sale via a immediate exchange of messages, directly from their mobile via their browser or the Google Maps application. Store teams can thus benefit from the simplicity of a single interface to respond to all requests almost instantly.

Since the pandemic, retail has experienced a real transformation, putting technology to the benefit of proximity between consumers and brands. Online presence has become essential for businesses and physical points of sale, with digital now fully integrated into the physical retail chain. This change is today expressed by a demand for availability from the customer’s side rather than time amplitudes, which were previously the reference for the relationship between the store and the customer.

“Our belief at Critizr is thatit is essential today for a retail brand to be connected with its customers. Carrefour continues its line of innovation with the aim of creating closeness to its customers. Carrefour really puts the customer at the center by opening instant messaging in its stores. »Aurelien Dubotdeputy director of marketing critics.

The implementation of Google’s Business Messages will allow us to accelerate our commitment to ever greater accessibility with our customers.

“At Carrefour, our customer orientation is a daily reality, where all our actions must best serve their satisfaction. Our teams in our stores, warehouses and offices are their best ambassadors. That interactions with our customers through digital and physical channels are real diamonds: they are thousands of possibilities for better understand expectations of our customers, of create a link sincere and lasting feelings and to create proximity. The implementation of Google’s Business Messages will allow us to accelerate our commitment to ever greater accessibility with our customers. This GMB solution is part of our 555 strategy, which places the customer at the center of all our activities and all our attention”Stefan BompaisDirector Customer Experience & Employee Engagement France and Group, Carrefour.

“We are very happy to see Carrefour rolling out Google’s Business Messages so widely. Messages are primarily intended to help brands to get in touch with their local customers. To give customers the best possible experience. This is clearly in accordance with customer proximity strategy of Korsvej. We believe that messaging is an essential tool for retailers and for the customer experience. »Katie OsbergGlobal Retail Partnerships Lead, Business Communications, Google

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