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During the past two years, the digital world has had to develop in uncertainty and doubt. Indeed, it was necessary to adapt to world-class events, new societal challenges, as well as the transformation of the digital marketing ecosystem. In a context characterized by many limitations and developments, it can be difficult to see clearly. That is why CyberCité has dedicated the sixth edition of its magazine More traffic More business on this topic. The goal ? Help you understand this new world and support you with maximum precision towards appropriate digital strategies, sustainable and effective solutions.



This new edition highlights several topics, issues and trends, including SXO (the contraction of SEO and UX). This is the set of techniques to optimize the user experience on search engines. CyberCité returns to its properties and questions its role in an SEO strategy. An example of an SXO analysis grid for a website is provided to help you see more clearly the importance of this method.

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The impact of the termination of third-party cookies in the new digital world

It is difficult to talk about the future of the digital world without discussing the impact of the end of third-party cookies. Google announced that they will disappear from Chrome in mid-2024. Does the topic still seem a little vague to you? Don’t panic, CyberCité will help you see things more clearly thanks to an illustrated file and an infographic.

If at first glance this change appears to be a real threat to the strategies of marketers and communicators, it also offers many opportunities. They must all be discovered in More traffic, more business magazine. You will also be able to find out the alternative solutions that Google offers to best adapt your future digital strategies.

How do you manage your Facebook ad campaigns in a cookie-free environment?

In 2021, Apple introduced App Tracking Transparency, which allows a user to choose whether or not to share their browsing data to be used for advertising purposes. Google, for its part, has announced the end of third-party cookies for 2024. It is in this increasingly restrictive environment that advertising players must evolve. Campaigns, especially Facebook ads, need to be rethought.

GDPR also has a big impact on their advertising strategies: with an average acceptance rate for the cookie banner fluctuating between 50 and 70%, advertisers lose between 50% and 30% of conversion data previously identified by triggering the pixel. As a result, the measured return on ad spend is lower. The lack of data also makes it difficult to build relevant targeting lists.

This particular context is an opportunity to rethink one’s campaigns. All the new options available to you can be found in the CyberCité magazine, which can be downloaded for free.

Google Analytics & GDPR: What are the problems and what are the consequences?

In February 2022, the CNIL issued a formal notice to several organizations using Google Analytics due to illegal data transfers to the United States. In collaboration with the DPOs of Isoskèle, CyberCité’s Data Analytics Unit deciphers on a few points what the CNIL accuses Google Analytics of, reviewing the legal and technical aspects. It also explains how to approach the migration of your statistical data.


New World Data: The End of the Golden Age of Addressed Everything

Today, advertisers are at a crossroads of problems. Consumers want their privacy to be respected and the use of their personal data limited, but to be offered highly personalized experiences for which data is essential. For brands, it’s a matter of finding a balance to respond positively to this demand while executing effective marketing campaigns. CyberCité looks back at these major paradigm shifts and explains how to deal with them.

Content Journey: On the Road to Achievement!

A successful Content Marketing strategy requires utilizing the content as much as possible. To succeed, you need to be interested in your audience’s desires and understand the customer journey. CyberCité reveals the steps to follow in its magazine and the role of inbound marketing and data. You can rely on the suggested customer case to better understand how to implement your Content Marketing action plan.

What social media communication in an ever-changing world?

The health crisis has had a major impact on consumers’ wishes and demands. Advertisers have had to adapt their communications to meet their new needs for transparency and ethics. CyberCité reveals that 90% of buyers expect brands to make commitments while helping them consume better. Their expectations are numerous: biodiversity, zero plastic, inclusiveness… These are topics that companies can address on social networks.

For advertisers, the challenge is to maintain consistency in their interventions, which must respect their brand platform, integrate new trends and respond to societal challenges. In its magazine, CyberCité gives you the procedure to follow to achieve this, with the six rules to follow to highlight your obligations correctly.

The agency’s role in the new digital world

As the digital landscape changes, the agency’s role is being reshaped. It remains an essential fulcrum, even at a time when companies are internalizing their digital marketing. Discover accelerator, trusted third party, support for your growth… Find out how an agency can fit into your action plans for tomorrow.

This magazine helps you understand how to navigate the digital strategies in this new world. At the end of this reading, you will have all the keys in hand to build your future digital strategies!


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