Six business ideas to become a franchisee in 2023!

Model that continues to prove its worth resilience For many years franchise is an alternative that deserves your full consideration if you are pursuing itstarting in 2023. CA Franchise offers you too discover his selection of 6 concepts with a promising future that will offer you the opportunity to become an entrepreneur while maximizing your chances of success.

Why choose the franchise in 2023?

Sector display a major development over several yearsthat franchise confirmed how solid his model was. According to the 17th Franchise Survey, carried out from 4 to 25 September 2020, by Banque Populaire in collaboration with the French Franchise Federation and Kantar, franchise model actually remains a resilience factor in times of crisis.
This was revealed by the investigation 67% of franchisees surveyed felt coped better with the crisis in comparison with independent dealers. This feeling of being better equipped in such circumstances is certainly due to the fact that franchisors have strengthened their support during this period: 93% of franchisees have also been supported by their franchisor.

That franchise is also an interesting alternative for people who want undertake because of brand image and fame. Joining a franchise network makes it possible to enjoy the fame which his brand has managed to build over the years and openings. The franchisee can, from the start of his activity, benefit from the communication implemented by his network, which constitutes a real saving of time and money. The member is also provided with all communication media, graphic charters etc. to promote its establishment locally.

Finally, become a franchisee also allows for become your own boss even if the person is new to the entrepreneurial world. The franchisor will actually be responsible for sending all of his know how and give him all the keys necessary for the success of your project. ONE initial education will be provided so that the franchisee masters all aspects of his new profession. He will benefit from one too continuing education so that it can be perfected over the years and continuously refined on the development of the concept.

Become a franchisee in 2023: Discover the concepts of tomorrow!

Pano Sign’ Service

Pano Sign’ Service specializes in design of advertising signs for craftsmen, traders, administrations and companies. Cash more than 150 dealers in France and abroad this brand is available with a minimum personal contribution of 15,000 euros for a total investment estimated at 52,000 euros. The participation fee is 25,000 euros.

Copper branch

Of Canadian origin, the Copper Branch franchise operates in the catering sector by focusing on 100% vegetable food. With 6 restaurants in France to date, the brand wants continue its development by recruiting franchisees have a personal contribution of 30,000 euros. The total investment amounts to 300,000 euros and an entry fee of 30,000 euros is required to participate in the adventure.


Specialist in car maintenance for all brands, the Midas Franchise count today 368 car workshops of which more than 90% is duty-free. To launch a Midas car center, a total investment of 230,000 euros is required. The franchisee must therefore have one minimum personal contribution of 60,000 euros and donate an entry fee of 25,000 euros. Midas very strongly accompanies its future franchisees as well as its franchisees.

Aquilus Pools & Spas

Aquilus Pools & Spas specializes in design and manufacture of swimming pools and develops a number of related products, such as hot tubs or mini-waters. Being part of this network that counts 60 dealers in France you must have one personal contribution of 50,000 euros. The launch of such a project requires a total investment of 80,000 euros.

Vitalis Medical

Signs supported by the Mistertemp’ group, Vitalis Medical is the only franchise network specializing in recruitment andtemporary to the medical, paramedical and social sectors. With 33 branches Vitalis Medical franchise is available with a personal contribution of 25,000 euros. The total investment is estimated at 90,000 euros and the entry fee is 35,000 euros.

The forest

The forest is a major player in real estate in France thanks to its 700 branches. The opening of a Laforêt franchise is possible with a total investment of 150,000 euros. The franchisee must have one minimum personal contribution of 50,000 euros and pay an entrance fee of 28,000 euros.

If you seriously think about it start a franchise in 2023so don’t hesitate to take a closer look at these 6 designs which shows great development potential. You also want to know for sure benefit from support that meets your expectations.

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