[SBB célèbre ses 10 ans] “What have they become? Victor Pellissier, marketing and business manager of Stade Français Paris

In 2022, Sport Buzz Business celebrates its 10th anniversary! In 10 years, the site has welcomed many journalists, bloggers and sports marketing enthusiasts for writing and development missions.

During these 10 years, more than 20 people have thus “went” to Sport Buzz Business, within the framework of various missions: internships, blogging, freelancers…

The possibility to discover the profile and background of some of them with the episode “What Happened to Them”..

Today we invite you to discover the testimony of Victor Pellissier!

Sport Buzz Business: How and why did you decide to become a blogger for Sport Buzz Business?

Victor Pellissier: I discovered SBB in 2015 thanks to someone in my family telling me about the site’s potential blogger needs. As a student, the prospect of being sent to sporting events interested me a lot, as well as being able to put this experience on my resume.

SBB: What is your best memory of an event you attended and/or a meeting?

PV: I covered a lot of very cool events, mainly in Paris, which allowed me to meet or approach people I never imagined I would meet. Seeing Novak Djokovic or Zinedine Zidane up close at Peugeot and adidas events respectively are some of the best memories.

Another meeting that haunts me: At a Puma au Perchoir event a few years ago, my boyfriend and I took a selfie with Matt Pokora, which was posted on Instagram at the time. Years later, colleagues from the Stade Français found this photo, which had aged quite badly, and showed it over the photocopier, with the guarantee of the whole office!

SBB: What is your position today?

PV: I am currently the Marketing and Business Manager for Stade Français Paris. I have various missions, among others:
– Manage the relationship with our sales department Sportfive on the entire B2B revenue part
– Manage and animate our Business Club in relation to Sportfive
– Develop the club’s fame and knowledge of our projects among the general public
– Develop the fan experience at Stade Jean Bouin, especially by creating tools to increase the number of people
– Generally develop the club’s B2C income
– Develop and structure the club’s CSR project, especially based on our recently established Endowment Fund

“It is not normal to know how to do everything when you are a student, on the other hand, soft skills and motivation must be there”

SBB: Can you tell us about your professional background? What advice would you give to a student who wants to work in the world of sports in a broad sense?

PV: After 5 years of studies at Sciences Po Paris, I decided to finish my studies with a year of a specialized MOS master at Audencia. This year of specialization allowed me to obtain an internship at the end of my studies in the sponsorship department of Paris Saint-Germain. A very rewarding experience within one of the giants of the industry. In addition to the formative aspect, it allowed me to experience valuable meetings for the rest of my career. In fact, when my internship ended after 6 months, during the same period Romain Gorlier and Soizic Pebereau announced their departure from PSG a few weeks later to Stade Français Paris. I had had the chance to work well with them during these 6 months, so they offered to accompany them. Then I joined Stade Français as Head of Partnerships and over the seasons I became Head of Sponsorship and now Head of Marketing and Business.

My advice is therefore to encourage young students to be impeccable in their first professional experiences, because this is where the foundation of their network is formed. This base is essential to land future internships or jobs or simply to be recommended to other recruiters. It is not normal to know how to do everything when you are a student, but soft skills and motivation must be there. This is what will make the difference for your internal and external contacts in the way they will remember you.

“Sports are a great vector of happiness for fans”

SBB: What makes you vibrate today in communication through sports and sports business in general?

PV: Sports are a wonderful vector of happiness for fans. Being a big consumer of sports myself and a fan of several teams, these contribute to my development despite the sporting achievements of some…

So I like the idea of ​​making my own small contribution to the joy of the club’s fans by working for them on the content we offer them throughout the year. We constantly try to put ourselves in the shoes of the fans to best follow the evolution of their wishes and contribute to their joy by following the club daily on the networks, on TV every weekend and in the stadium every fortnight.

SBB: Over the past 10 years, what are the activations/devices/innovations that have stood out to you?

PV: Always with the perspective of constantly adapting our offer to the wishes of the fans and the needs of our partners, I spend a lot of time benchmarking. So thanks to SBB for continuing this great work of sourcing sports business activations! I see a lot of great ideas passed on from rights holders and advertisers.

On the advertiser side, I am impressed by the community that Winamax has managed to develop on Twitter thanks to a unique tone. They took risks, and still do, and it paid off! More precisely, I also loved the content put together by Betclic around certain Ligue 1 matches with Loris and very entertaining guests.

In the long term, the past relationship between OL and Hyundai with very varied 360° activations is often one of the best cases that I mention to my partners and prospects.

Finally, to be corporate, on the rights holder side, I would say that the Stade Français Snapchat activation to “lay ambush” Racing 92’s first match at the Arena is for me one of the best ideas in recent years. I can say this without reservation because I had not yet arrived at the club at that time. (laughs).

SBB: Compared to your job today and your past experience, what will be the most important trends in the next 10 years in sports marketing and the sports industry?

PV: My current experience leads me to believe that the CSR aspect of sports partnerships will crescendo and become the main reason for corporate engagement. Companies need sports rights holders to make their own CSR strategy resonate. Companies suffer from the fact that communication about CSR has become “mainstream”. All companies communicate their positive actions, and this has the effect of drowning their actions in the midst of all the others. Communicating through sport with actors who have a certain media resonance gives an impact to their good deeds, which instead of being drowned out, will stand out in society and the media.

In addition, certain major decisions in the world of sports (the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the Asian Winter Games in Saudi Arabia, etc.) have received a negative reception from the general public, which of course can have an impact on the sponsors. In order not to be blamed for a disconnection from the real world and its pressing issues, brands will increasingly ensure that the partnership is a positive direction to avoid bad intentions.

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