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AutonomY Agency was launched in 2021 and works to preserve and improve the autonomy of seniors, while supporting carers and professionals in the sector, especially through the implementation of innovative solutions. The agency is the originator of the E-Tonomy BOOST programme, which aims to support project managers and finance experiments to improve products and services for people with loss of autonomy.

Born from a joint initiative of the departments of Yvelines and Hauts-de-Seine, the AutonomY Agency is the first structure exclusively dedicated to autonomy in France. In the context of an aging population, the agency is currently providing real solutions to meet the coming demographic challenge.

“We have a broad area of ​​action to support the life course of seniors. The goal is to create concrete improvements for the people who are helped and their relatives, but also to make jobs in relation to elderly support attractive. Today we support 140 personal service companies in their development in the areas of service quality, digital transformation, organization and development of competences”. agrees Patricia Waddington, innovation project manager at the agency.

A mission that revolves around three great poles

To meet this great challenge and meet all its goals, AutonomY Agency has created three major centers around service offerings for users and professionals, innovation and training in management subjects.

“Innovation is an integral part of our approach, we identify, experiment and implement innovative solutions that aim to improve information and prevention, strengthen the attractiveness of occupations, provide better security and comfort for seniors. For example, We We have created an electronic box intended for caregivers, which makes it possible to check the effectiveness of the assistance plan for the elderly We are working on providing new services in this box: implementation of a digital connection book for more fluid communication between the various stakeholders, with the possibility of maintaining traceabilityand ultimately the ability to add additional services such as remote assistance, actimetry, etc.

services for users and professionals regarding innovation and education in care professions.
services for users and professionals regarding innovation and education in care professions. © AutonomY

E-Tonomy BOOST, the startup acceleration program

To continue developing alternative solutions, the AutonomY Agency has chosen to support new innovative projects through its E-Tonomy BOOST program. This is a six-month support program for start-ups, structured around major strategic themes such as sector knowledge, the business model, marketing or even commercial strategy.

“Our aim is to provide real support to these different structures for everything related to the knowledge of the sector and its economic models, to carry out experiments in our territories and to access and seek funding. The aim is to be able to select services that will strengthen our actions and the agency’s service offer”concludes the leader.

© AutonomY

This initiative was launched in 2019 and will honor its third promotion this year. Applications to become part of the twelve selected start-ups are open until 31 December 2022.

While the number of seniors should increase by more than 30% over the next ten years, it is becoming important to find alternatives to improve care and quality of life for the elderly; while the majority of them now want to stay at home. Each year, 12 projects are supported by the agency with the aim of improving the seniors’ conditions in terms of food, social ties or mobility. Faced with this major challenge, AutonomY Agency is currently providing real solutions for the future to address this demographic challenge.

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