MUST Côte d’Azur: Business and fun at Hotel Amour

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The Amour hotel in the Orangers district of Nice welcomed the members of SKAL International Côte d’Azur to a cocktail reception under the sign of friendship and good gastronomy.

MUST International Côte d’Azur : the association chose at its penultimate meeting of the year the setting of itlove hotel, located avenue des Fleurs in Nissa La Bella. Next to Nicole Martinold and new members of the association were welcomed on 22 November 2022 by the owner of the establishment Emmanuel Delavanne and its restoration team, with the shell giant’s precious cooperation Christine LoisonEuclea consulting company.

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Delicious cocktail dinner

To get away from the traditional hotel industry and offer members of MUST International Côte d’Azur a festive and unforgettable evening chose Nicolle MartinHotel Love, an original establishment unparalleled in Nice, with its atmosphere of a family home steeped in history, its antique furniture that combines good taste and comfort, tradition and modernity. Over a delicious cocktail dinner, the shell giants, who have become friends over time, could make new connections or even do business while enjoying delicious cuisine with Greek and Lebanese accents (tztaziki, white tarama, fried feta, Greek salad, avocado toast, falafel, eggplant caviar, hummus, grilled halloumi, pita bread, etc.) made by the brigade in the bistronomic restaurant ilove hotel. While discussing and sharing the challenges of tourism on the Riviera, everyone was keen to highlight the dynamism of the community they represented.

must hotel love

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Thanks to the sponsors

During this evening focused on business with friends, Nicolle Martin first thanked the evening’s sponsors, such as the delicious wines from Domaine Terres Destel (vineyard in Saint-Raphaël), which all evening sublimated the tasty dishes from the many shellfish present. But also that one DJ Vice and the French-Norwegian singer Nicoline accompanied of Thibault on the guitar, for the musical atmosphere and the presentation of fragrance products (perfume, essential oils, candles) from Chamo house. Its creator Charlyne Davard-Giordano helped to warm the friendly atmosphere of the evening with his candles that warmly illuminated every table in the restaurant and the hearts by offering perfumed gifts to the shells.

must hotel love

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Champagne Conte de Cheurlin

For her part, the faithful and generous Christine Giraudeau which for several years has pleased the palates of skalleagues who love fine bubbles, organized a raffle with the key, a tasty Cuvée Rosé Celebrity Extra Brut Comte de Cheurlin won by Monica. Finally, as usual, Nicolle Martin, the chairman of SCAL International, thanked reporters and photographers who came to cover the evening.

must hotel love

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MUST world congress

Nicolle Martin then returned to her presence for the first time at MUST world congress. The starry eyes and the wide smile that lit up his face as he conjured up this amazing event spoke volumes for the success of this international event. The chairman for Global SHOULD Burcin Turkkan honored, five nights in a row, the MUST French Riviera cover it with trophies.

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Fourth Platinum Award for SKAL Côte d’Azur

The icing on the cake, for the fourth year in a row the Riviera club won Platinum Awards on the grounds of being the largest progress in the world in terms of members, but also being part of the steering group for SKAL International. This meeting takes place once a month Zoom in the presence of nine national presidents as well as the regional club: the MUST French Riviera. These meetings aim to help other associations develop and promote themselves.

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Nicolle Martin SKAL Global Ambassador

On the other hand, Nicolle Martin was promoted to world ambassador, which helped highlight MUST French Riviera and its exceptional success in front of the 500 present at the congress. To the question “How do you manage to have so many people? » Nicolle Martin replied « I love my skalleagues and my skalleagues love me! All hailed the tremendous work done in its tourist association, it MUST French Rivieraknowing that the members initially numbered around ten to reach 225 to date.

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Installation ceremony

On the occasion of this meeting, three representatives from MUST Young, Theo, Ooh and Cecilia and 27 new skalleagues marked the evening with their presence. Six new tourism professionals were officially admitted: Emmanuel Delavanne owner oflove hotel, godmother Christine Loison – community Euclea Consulting; Emilie ValletEkov company, godmother Elise BragardTable and kitchen Pro, Emilie PetitAlegria company, godmother Nicolle Martin, Marie Tesson Exclusive France Tour – godmother Nicolle Martin, Sandra OttavianiInspiring French Riviera, godmother Married shards Exclusive France Tour, Jean-Francois LagoanereJF Lagoanere, msponsor Christina Loison.

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Friendships, health, happiness and long life at SKAL

Finally, Nicolle Martin was happy with the success of this big meeting atHotel Love. She ended the induction ceremony with a toast: friendship, health, happiness and long life MUST French Riviera. A toast with good omens, as more than 15,000 members worldwide share the association’s values.

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Friendships, health, happiness and long life at SKAL Côte d’Azur ©

SKAL International

SKAL Internationalan association founded in 1933 in Paris by Florimond Volckaert, brings together leaders from the travel industry. Its aim is to promote tourism and friendship around the hospitality industry, gastronomy, culture, the computer tools available to our beautiful region, as well as business between friends. Since its creation, the association has SKAL International has continued to grow.

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Do business with friends

During these evenings set under the sign of friendship, the meetings that the association generates give the members the opportunity SKAL International to get to know each other better, to be informed, to discuss, to debate, to evaluate the tourism market and possibly to make fruitful suggestions. His motto: “Do business with friends. “And friends, the shell leagues will still be able to make some, since Nicolle Martin has given them a time in December.

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Hotel Love in Nissa La Bella

L’Hotel Love located on avenue des Fleurs is an oasis of peace where it is good to recharge the batteries during a stay with your feet in the water on the Côte d’Azur. its owners, Emmanuel Delavenne and Others Saraiva have chosen to perfect their discreet and cozy universe, vintage and ethnic pieces, old posters, bookshelves and iconic furniture for decoration. Unearthed over the years from antique dealers, these finds of a retro bobo character form a remarkably well-mastered heterogeneous ensemble. In pink, blue or cream tones, the rooms invite you to rest and relax. This palette of sweet pastels is inhabited by a soul that can be found in family homes that combine good taste, comfort, tradition and modernity. The Greek restaurant, its roof terrace and its 360° view, its swimming pool and its private beach on the Promenade des Anglais, offer tourists eager for earthly paradises all the flavors of the Mediterranean.

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Perfumes created exclusively to order

Born from the founder’s passion for fragrances and artisan know-how, the Chamo house created exclusively bespoke perfumes. That Chamo house combines the talents of Jean Claude and Erik GigodotPerfume, from the creative studio Agreements and perfumes and off Charlyne DavardGiordano. Their mutual relationship of trust for more than 15 years is a guarantee of success.

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Excellent perfumes to remember

That Chamo house and its founder share three passions: bespoke scent creations, scents and know-how. Their common points? Beautiful perfumes that tell a story. Some transcribe the atmosphere of a place. Others suggest a person’s soul. Some capture a moment, while a few others spread a brand’s values. That Chamo house designs perfumes for spaces full of meaning and history: guesthouses, consultancies, gallerists, festivals and exhibitions, ready-to-wear brands. Men and women who love perfume also like to entrust her with their olfactory signature: artists, godfathers, suitors.

must hotel love

must hotel love

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