Log’issimo, a response to the challenges of sustainable logistics

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] While delivery is now one of the priority criteria for the customer experience for 72% of the French, companies must offer a logistics offer that is qualitative from all points of view and respects environmental issues. In response to the fundamental challenges of first and last mile logistics in all regions, La Poste Business Solutions offers Log’issimo, a wide range of customized local logistics solutions. The range of services proposed by Log’issimo enables companies and public actors to rely on a solid partner to establish competitive, common and sustainable solutions.

LOG’ISSIMO: an answer for every problem

Consumers today expect a delivery experience that is both fast and of high quality, while demanding that players in the sector minimize the impact of nuisance. To meet these various challenges, La Poste Solutions Business has established itself as a reliable partner with the best territorial coverage.

The latter provides the opportunity to offer e-commerce start-ups as well as large companies and the public sector, a tailored service offering to manage their supply chain. It covers storage as well as collection and delivery, including preparation of orders (spare parts, delivery of meals, replenishment in store, distribution of POS, etc.), but also transport of meals or delivery and installation of educational materials.

Log’issimo thus brings competitive and sustainable solutions to the market, designed to have an optimized environmental impact and run by committed men and women.

The Log’issimo offer in practice

Log’issimo is structured around 4 solution offers that adapt to the specific constraints of all actors (private or public):

· Log’issimo Detail for logistics operations, from order preparation to shipping and package delivery

· Log’issimo Fresh for delivering meals, refilling connected fridges and delivering drives

· Log’issimo facilities to help companies outsource the logistics of courier services to companies

· Custom Log’issimo which is aimed at public or private actors with a specific logistics need

Through them, Log’issimo responds to various problems, from reducing logistics costs to supporting each player on specific and essential aspects. Among them, we must mention in particular the delivery of emergency spare parts, the maintenance of fragile people at home with the delivery of meals through public actors and fresh products, which are experiencing increasing demand.

Log’issimo is thus equipped with many assets to provide companies and communities with a uniquely responsible and tailored “augmented” supply chain!

Log’issimo in numbers

A network of 150 logistics platforms throughout France to respond quickly to requests.

13,500 logistics circuits providing more than 120,000 daily services to businesses or local authorities

5,300 discount collectors, present throughout the territory

“La Poste Solution Business aims to become the partner of choice for merchants, the public sector and businesses to help them transform their local supply chain and be able to respond to their needs. This is an important issue that has been highlighted since the crisis and which we must support with all the agility and flexibility that we are able to implement. With Log’issimo, we are strengthening our service offerings to make them more efficient and consistent for the professionals we support.”, declared Jean-Michel Molette, Director of New Services for the Services-Mail-Parcels division of La Poste.

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