Kas Saed, the kindergarten of Machiavellianism

Snake lovers, you are served. Kaïs Saïed’s diet has created a new dish for you as only he knows how to cook.

After the 13,500 billion in public money stolen by 460 businessmen, the speculators who impoverish the poor Tunisian people, the tunnel leading to the residence of the French ambassador in La Marsa, the many assassination attempts against him personally, the averted terrorist attacks, here is a new series, the one about the plot against the state led by 25 people, including a dozen public figures.

Are the hoses good? Eat as much as you want, Kaïs Saïed serves you to your heart’s content. The most important thing is that you continue to applaud him, support him and encourage him to move forward to rid Tunisia of all these occult lobbies, shady businessmen, corrupt journalists, crooked politicians and dirty trade unionists.

Kaïs Saïed is there to serve the people and save them from all these castes who have been enriched for decades. These castes of bourgeois, intellectuals and experts who brought the people to their knees.

The speech is incredibly simple, the tricks are childish and it works! Whenever Kaïs Saïed serves snakes, you will find hundreds of thousands of people eating them with their eyes closed without flinching. The level of credulity reached is staggering. Are Tunisians so stupid that they believe everything the regime tells them? To see the exchanges surrounding the “list of 25”, the answer is yes, three times unfortunately.

The new series, like the previous ones, arouses the general public’s sympathy for false knowledge and experts in everything. This public should not be underestimated, it is the majority in this country. At last count it would consist of about three million people.

What is it about ? It started with persistent rumours, distilled by reputable Facebook pages close to Carthage Palace. The very ones whose authors have been caught in the middle of an extortion attempt and are the subject of dozens of legal complaints, all pending for years. Rumor has it that a certain Walid Balti has set up a sports betting company which he uses to launder money in complicity with several personalities from the media and political world. Among the names mentioned, Sofiène Ben Hamida, Fadhel Abdelkefi, Maya Ksouri…

On November 16, Afek Tounes president Fadhel Abdelkefi was banned from traveling. He learns this when he crosses the border and is amazed as he is not familiar with any legal procedure. He tries to find out more from the prosecutor’s office of Greater Tunis, but no one confirms his entry ban. It turns out that the Facebook pages known to be close to the president are better informed than the judges, and they are the ones who first spread the suspicions affecting Mr. Abdelkefi. They quote, pell-mell, several other personalities who would be involved in this sports betting story.

Friday, November 25, a major turning point in the case, with the publication of a document from the prosecution at the Tunis court. This is part of the opening of a judicial investigation targeting 25 people for criminal association with the aim of attacking people, conspiracy against the security of the state, intelligence with agents of foreign powers with the aim of reaching Tunisia diplomatically, offense of the President of the Republic , forgery and use of a forged document. Excuse me a bit.

Among the 25 are some of the most sensible and respected political and media personalities in the country. Fadhel Abdelkefi, former minister and current president of an opposition party, Hakim Ben Hamouda, former minister and major economic expert in several international bodies, Mofdi Mseddi, former foreign minister in charge of communications for three heads of government and a speaker of the parliament, Maya Ksouri, major lawyer and famous political columnist, Sawsen Maâlej, famous actress, Taoufik Bouaoun, senior security official and former director of the General Inspectorate of the Ministry of the Interior. Or others like Nadia Akacha, former chief of staff of the President of the Republic, Charazed Akacha and Malak Baccari, journalists.

The list bearing the stamp of the prosecution was first leaked by the same Facebook pages said to be close to the palace. The document, as everyone knows, is highly confidential and at this stage has not even landed with the lawyers. So how did he end up on Facebook?

You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to guess who leaked it and for what purpose.

Tunisia lives during this period on the rhythm of inflation and many deficient. The public debate should theoretically focus on the 2023 finance law and the government’s plan given to the IMF. The country is also preparing for a mock legislative election, which would normally see a fair amount of fraud.

Instead of focusing on the priorities that directly matter to them, public opinion (and this column) has only been talking about the list of 25 for the past few days. Earlier we talked about the controversy over the travel ban and the lawsuits that were wrongly brought against Business News on the basis of decree 54 draconian.

What is happening now is simply a diversion put in place by the political regime so that we can talk about something other than our real priorities.

What is happening now gives the impression of confirming the various conspiracy theories that Kais Saïed talks about in almost every one of his speeches.

The gullible on all sides will fall into the two-footed trap. The president has always talked about plotters and corrupt people bleeding the poor people. By offering them a sample of 25 names, he feeds a popular imagination, generally adept at conspiracy theories. It is as if Kaïs Saïed took the people to witness to tell them “ they are the causes of your misfortune, and I am in the process of cleaning up the country of this scum “.

In political science, making up stories from scratch is called Machiavellianism.

Except that Kaïs Saïed hasn’t read Machiavelli (or hasn’t understood) and doesn’t know how to put together real stories. He would be at the school for Machiavellianism, he would not go beyond kindergarten.

To feed his conspiracy theory and undermine the many gullible people who follow him, he called the names of the most respected and famous personalities in the country. He only makes fun of himself and shows his desperation by attacking them.

This is not the first one, he has already used the scheme (successfully) and he has already managed to cheat his aficionados. Remember the many travel bans and house arrests issued against political figures in late 2021. Remember the harsh arrest of Noureddine Bhiri, former Minister of Justice, on December 31 and the press conference of the Minister of Interior that followed. Remember the Islamists’ several court summonses. Remember the many so-called assassination attempts on the president.

Every time the Kaïs Saïed regime comes up with a story to appease the public, smear personalities and fuel its conspiracy theory.

Today he finds himself in the position of xxx (censored word) crying for help when he is drowning. At some point, no one will believe him anymore and he will end up drowning.

It’s normal, “ you can fool everyone for a while; you can even fool a few people all the time; but you can’t fool everyone all the time (Abraham Lincoln).

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