Aero-Mort: global meeting for the war industry

Toulouse has a long history of arms production. It all started under Louis XIV with the manufacture of gunpowder, then various chemical products for “civilian” and military purposes. A history marked by industrial “accidents” based on buildings that boom, like AZF, the latest. In addition to the silent pollution that poisons the inhabitants who live next door and has caused them to move. Toulouse and more generally the Occitanie region accounts for no less than 685 companies and 76,000 people working in aviation and space. These companies are often dual, they are civilian and military. Not surprising, since France is the world’s third largest exporter of weapons and military systems.

In line with this rotten tradition, the “International Business Convention for the Aeronautical and Space Industries” AEROMART will take place from November 29 to December 1, 2022 at MEET in Toulouse. It is one of the world’s meeting places for the sky and the space industry. Aircraft, helicopter, drone and satellite manufacturers and subcontractors will be present: ranging from start-ups to major equipment manufacturers, including investors and consulting firms. All these people will meet to meet, exchange knowledge and projects, but above all to sign juicy contracts: manufacturing parts, opening factories or design offices and selling computer systems. Representatives of governments and regions will be tasked with lobbying businesses to attract them to their territories to promote and/or maintain the businesses of their local citizens.

In the same place at the same time, the Green and Sustainable Light Air Mobility Days will be held, in collaboration with Aeromart. Phew! While states and their manufacturers bomb people and pollute with their “technology” for ever more profit, they take care of the environment by producing ecological planes!…

With more than 1200 companies present under Aeromart, many are linked to the “defense” sector. That is, concentrated on the aviation and space industry. Among the companies in and around Toulouse we naturally find Thalès, Dassault aviation, Airbus, Safran… The list is long, but let’s mention a few examples of

their projects and productions:

Dassault’s next 2023 project, in collaboration with the French Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA): the Neuron – a new unmanned combat and spy plane. And Thales, not to be outdone, produces missiles, armored vehicles, airborne surveillance systems, radar equipment (for air force – navy – land and civil aviation), navigation, air defense systems (for air force) and air traffic control (for civil aviation). This company also manufactures all kinds of tactical and combat drones. We can’t help but mention that it also manufactures electronic wristbands. Thales also contributes to the massacre of migrants in the Mediterranean, in particular by selling equipment to Egypt for its planes and boats. Egypt is one of the countries the EU accuses of tracking down people trying to join it without the right papers in their pockets.

Thalès and Dassault are two major companies in the air-military field among many companies in the region. It is all these funds, supported by public authorities (of course), that fuel a very large part of armed conflicts. The Occitanie region therefore bears a significant part of the responsibility in the wars. Let us also not forget that the tools these industrialists manufacture are used by the states to oppress their own people.

For us, the distinction between civil and military has great limits. First, the civil aviation industry brings its share of shit: exploitation (here as elsewhere), destruction of nature, globalization, pollution… Technology and capitalism could not exist without this permanent destruction. Second, civilian research and development feeds the military sector and vice versa. The challenge remains the same: to keep the social order in place. Technology will never be clean or acceptable.

Before long we may be cut off for the hot water tanks between noon and two: that will teach us sobriety! we who pollute by reveling in the comfort of our often poorly insulated and underheated homes!… it will save energy to keep industry running. After all, in the absence of hot water to wash, we can always have fun trying to distinguish the stars among the planes and satellites that clutter the sky.

So while some will die under bombs elsewhere, here this Aeromart circus will go on nicely quietly…

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