A new vision of consulting, at the service of companies’ “Business Empowerment”.

Born in 2019, in start-up mode, the MENAPS group is characterized by integrated multidimensional consulting, ranging from strategic vision to operational support, combining innovation and new technologies, with the aim of contributing to the “Business Empowerment” of its clients.

MENAPS is positioned as a new generation international consulting group that offers global support to its clients, from strategy to operations, with the integration of advanced technological and digital solutions and a diversified experience in terms of business and sector. MENAPS is characterized by high-level expertise, an integrated organization, optimized offers, the vitality of its intervention form, in phase with the original start-up spirit, as well as an international network developing at a sustained pace.

Including support for growth and competitiveness

Despite the health crisis encountered in the start-up phase, the group, which has experienced continuous growth since its creation, is perfectly equipped to help companies, large and small, by supporting their growth and strengthening their competitiveness.

The technological solutions with high added value developed by the group are developed in a spirit of democratization with a view to making them available to as many companies as possible.

A diversified customer portfolio

Multidisciplinary expert consultants of the highest standards, with recognized sector expertise (aviation, automotive, insurance, transport, logistics, agri-food, etc.), supporting a diversified client portfolio, both in terms of sectors and sizes, including leading companies (Airbus), Renault, Stellantis… ), but also SMEs, VSEs and start-ups.

Imagine. The MENAPS group’s start-up study MENAPS

Imagine. The MENAPS group’s start-up study

By an active contribution, MENAPS intends to be part of the national mobilization around start-ups and not to stand passively in the face of the high failure rate observed (80% to 90%, including 10% from the first year, out of 1 million newly started French companies according to INSEE).

It is in this sense that Imag!ne was born in 2022, the start-up studio for the MENAPS group. It is aimed at entrepreneurs of all backgrounds whose projects with a digital or technological component bring useful innovation. MENAPS thus shares the lessons from its own experience as a start-up company and provides entrepreneurs with a framework adapted to the various problems encountered, especially in the critical start-up phase, with the ambition of contributing to the reduction of the failure rate, as identified .

A pool of skills at the service of start-ups

The provision of a pool of high added value skills, based on the group’s experience and expertise, allows a global framework through all the components of the projects. Several projects are underway to legitimize the approach and give credibility to the added value. All formulated around the ambition to transform imagination into innovation. Among the supported projects, we note an autonomous drone that enables the early detection and prediction of forest fires. It has been developed in collaboration with the firefighters in the Aude department.

Strong development ambitions

Without deviating from its original start-up spirit, materialized in particular by a flexible working environment, mix of face-to-face and remote work, a horizontal organization, encouragement of intrapreneurship, MENAPS can today boast a significant diversification of its consulting areas (Cybersecurity , Connected Solutions, InsurTech, HR & Recruitment, Marketing & Communication, Events etc.). The group can count on the mobilization of almost 200 employees around the world, including fifty in France, Toulouse and Paris and the rest between Tunisia, Morocco, India recently and soon Portugal. This constantly growing workforce allows us to establish strong ambitions for international development.

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