2035: Between Bitcoin and the metaverse, the currency will be deflationary [Crypto Dystopie]

What will our world look like in 2035? – Our favorite cryptos will they be gone or will they be more than ever at the heart of our lives? Will the Bitcoin blockchain have changed the face of the world? We had fun, through small stories, to imagine our world in the not-so-distant future. The story that follows is fictionalized, imaginary, without any pretense of guessing the future. Have fun with us and board the DeLorean JDC, direction 2035!

2035, the world has entered metaverse

20 September 2035, at 8:50, Dassault Company, Biarritz – A rain of hail rattles the windows. A turbulent weather that no longer shocks anyone here. Climate change is now a daily occurrence. Near the coffee machines, the discussions go well.

— I assure you Yvan, the collection NFT of Baby Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) should not be completely thrown away. Their metaverse The second verse is not so bad, Régis insists. It fits perfectly with those built by The SandBox and Decentraland.

— I think it’s a bit limited to buy an NFT for virtual access and 2 or 3 airdrops of clothes, Yvan replies. While a work of art by the artist Pascal Boyartit’s something else anyway!

Régis is dubious, but concedes the argument with good grace.

– What do you think, Marjorie?

“Oh my, I’m launching my store in the metaverse right now. I’m going to use tonight’s little fiesta at the casino to advertise it.

In 2035, the metaverse swallowed the world

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2035 is also an economy dominated by Bitcoin

10:50 a.m. – Elsa passes the Soares bakery on her way to the André Malraux high school. Driven by a craving for a croissant, she goes into the shop.

— 133 satoshis! That’s cheap.

His mother planned to take him to a Bitcoin conference the next day. She is busy.

the manifestations of Major energy crisis of 2023 has transformed society. At that time people rose up all over Europe and exposed the shameful excesses of finance. This was completely reformed in a few years. ONE Bitcoin-based deflation model was adopted in addition to the euro. Like the two sides of the same coin, operating in parallel and seeking their equilibrium point.

In 2035, NFT collections are all the rage among young people

12:15 – The hail has stopped. High school students take advantage of the break. Leaving the class, directing the self. Armand almost slides on the wet concrete.

“Since I tell you that Above all collection is a good project. Their avatars are stylish and can roam from one metaverse to another. And they have many partnerships!

Louis remains skeptical.

– Yes … The coin was not a great success. Not all NFTs are sold yet.

— I like many projects at the moment.

“Hey, I heard there will be members of The RTFKT team at the conference tomorrow…

By 2035, NFTs will be a topic of daily discussion, especially among young people born into a world where digital is everywhere.
In 2035, younger generations prefer NFTs to pokemon cards

Bitcoin, from taboo to treasure of the general public

2035, the rise of the Republic of Bitcoin

14:30 – Jonathan sips his tea at a table at the Bleu Café facing the sea, his nose buried in his newspaper, trying to ignore the rattle of the windows as the hail resumes. “France, from a model based on debt to a deflation of the economy. Excursion in a monetary revolution “.

For 2 years, France has been testing a new monetary system, based on Bitcoin, without abandoning the euro. Through a few financial changes, and not without difficulty, it now finds itself backed by a true store of value, Bitcoin. It is a daily thought exercise for citizens who are initially reluctant about such a radical transformation of their society. But little by little automatics are acquired. The world is changing and the benefits of this new model are already being felt.

It will have required an unprecedented uprising of the people to oust the elites from power and establish a new democracy, based on the permanent referendum and slower but more deliberate decisions. In 2035 it is the emergence of 6. Republicrepublic of bitcoin.

Jonathan drinks his tea and scans the QR code stuck on the table to pay for his lunch. that Lightning network it is so practical. He looks at his watch. It’s okay, there’s still time before the conference starts.

In 2035, the general public is Surfin’ Bitcoin

16.00 – Victor, focused on the effort, stands up on his surfboard as he catches the wave. He took advantage of the lull in the hail and surfed the last wave of the day. It must be at 17:00. Biarritz casino for 16th edition of Surfin Bitcoin. It’s going to be a crazy world this year.

Biarritz has for many years become the epicenter of meetings around Bitcoin and cryptos every end of August, thanks to Surfin Bitcoin.
Surfin Bitcoin becomes the reference among conferences on Bitcoin and cryptos

19.00 – How many people! Justine is surprised inside. Overwhelmed, she serves glasses of champagne with a vengeance. These celebrations are the starting point for 3 days full of conferences around topics that now fascinate the whole planet, cryptos and especially Bitcoin.

— A haircut, please, asks a young man between two discussions with friends about surgery Vitalik Buterin the day after.

Notices regarding implementations of Splurge been waiting for weeks.

22:30 – The evening is in full swing, the participants exchange their opinions, their ideas and change the world, proud to belong to this caste that believed in it. The one who knew how to trigger a tipping point in this padlocked society whose lines are so hard to move.

2035, the blur between the real world and metaverse ?

Matthieu downs his glass in one gulp, places it distractedly on a table, then walks towards the end of the roof. The night is fantastic, the stars shine in a cloudless sky. Then he takes advantage of the heavenly atmosphere of the place for a moment disconnect from the metaverse.

Matthieu lies in bed and removes the VR headset from his face. A quick shower and then he goes to bed. He must be in good shape for the lectures the next day. An almost permanent hail continues to hammer the panes of his window, as since the beginning of the day.

What world will we live in in 2035? Will the inconsistent monetary policy of the elite have brought the financial system as we know it to its knees? Will the technological revolutions caused by web3 and the metaverse have revolutionized our view of the world? What is certain is that in 2022 the future remains uncertain. Between crisis, war, inflation and soon recession, we no longer know where to turn. So while we wait to see more clearly, we might as well try to do soimagine the future.

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