The Martyrs’ Belad and Brahmi Defense Committee accuses Habib Ellouze of assisting the accused

Belad and the Brahmi Martyrs’ Defense Committee accuse Habib Ellouze of having assisted the accused

The Committee for the Defense of the Martyrs Chokri Belaïd and Mohamed Brahmi organized on the evening of Friday, November 25, 2022, an international conference in Geneva at the invitation of the Association of Tunisians in Switzerland.

After presenting the committee and recalling its long struggle to reveal the truth about the murder of these two political figures in February and July 2013, several new revelations were communicated.

The Committee directly accused Nahdhaoui leader Habib Ellouze and Judge Béchir Akremi of assisting one of the main defendants in this case and helping him flee the country. This is Chokri Ben Othman, Imam of the Errahma Mosque in Cité El Khadra, where the preparations and the plan for the assassination of Chokri Belaïd were carried out. This imam welcomed the other defendants, particularly Kamel Gadgadhi, Yasser Mouelhi and Mohamed Ali Dammak, to his mosque and was behind the fatwa calling for the assassination of Chokri Belaïd, according to the defense committee.

According to the defense committee, this imam was heard as a witness by Béchir Akremi, who was then responsible for carrying out the investigations in the case of the murder of Chokri Belaïd. He then left Tunisia in September 2013 after a travel agency based in Hammamet, whose owner is a certain Moez Sniti, took responsibility for the documents, the labor arrest and the plane ticket. He has connections with the Egyptian preacher Wajdi Ghonim, Abou Yadh and Rached Ghannouchi.

While the evidence was against the imam, he was released and even helped to flee the country as part of a deal between the Ennahdha movement and the Ansar Al Shariaa group with which he was related. Chokri Ben Othman is part of the group’s communications cell, according to the Defense Committee. The terms of this agreement were simple, according to the committee: remove the imam from any suspicion in return for the cancellation of Ansar Al Chariaa’s congress in Kairouan. According to them, the broker at the time was Habib Ellouze. And as proof, an intercepted telephone conversation between the latter and the head of the communication cell of Ansar Al Chariaa, the so-called Hassan Ben Brik.

The Defense Committee assured that it would file a complaint against Habib Ellouze and Béchir Akremi as soon as he returned to Tunisia.

Habib Ellouze, let’s remember, was arrested on September 14 at his home in Sfax by the anti-terrorist unit El Gorjani. His arrest would have been in connection with the case of the recruitment of young people into areas of tension and into the Islamist armies, especially in Syria via Turkey. He was heard and then released four days later.

The committee also returned to the connection between the two assassinations, the case of sending young Tunisians to jihad in conflict areas as part of a larger project aimed at paving the way for the establishment of a regime that supports political Islam and It Muslim Brotherhood in general. . ” The West and the Northern coast of the Mediterranean have contributed significantly to establishing this project in our country by supporting it politically and financially. European public opinion is currently helping and pushing the project of the Muslim Brotherhood and Ennahdha in Tunisia. She supported him for years and watched the blood of Chokri Belaïd and Mohamed Brahmi flow without moving “.

Thus, the Defense Committee again mentioned the finding in February 2022 of two bank accounts belonging to the leader of the Islamist movement Rached Ghannouchi. Three hundred million dollars worth of deposits were recorded in these two accounts. According to the defense committee, the money was paid by the emir’s cabinet in Qatar and withdrawn and brought back to Tunisia by a certain Najah Hadj Taïeb presented by Rached Ghannouchi as his own adviser. He set up several financial companies in Europe on behalf of Rached Ghannouchi. The committee added that some of this money was sent to Turkey, where it was used to finance terrorist actions by groups that joined Syria and Iraq in 2013.


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