Wolfpack Coaching/business coaching for managers, their company and their team

The company Wolfpack Coaching helps managers and leaders in companies to successfully go through transition phases thanks to effective and original methods.

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created: everything is transformed”. The well-known phrase from the great 18th century chemist Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier could be Jonathan Blond’s “trademark”. The coaching company he founded, Wolfpack Coaching, in Namur, Belgium, has earned a solid reputation in the entrepreneurial world in a very specific context. He works with leaders, managers and leaders when the companies they lead or in which they operate have transformation projects. “Today, business leaders face change projects in terms of organization, sustainable development, energy costs, loss of meaning, less respect for hierarchy,” he says. “I’m trying to understand what a business transformation project is”.

Preparing tomorrow’s society

Wolfpack Coaching offers coaching services to companies to help them prepare their organization for tomorrow’s society and is aimed at executives, managers, HR directors and marketing managers. “We work with a team of business coaches at several levels of the client’s organization to put a coaching system at the service of a system in transformation,” explains Jonathan Blond.

Jonathan Blond is a bioengineer and coach certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Great athlete, he trains running, obstacle course and Krav Maga. Wolfpack Coaching services usually bring together whole teams of coachees, but some of them also take place face-to-face individually. Jonathan Blond works in his offices in Namur, in the companies where he coaches the management teams, but also by video conference. Wolfpack Coaching’s clientele mainly consists of managers of large SMEs. He practices mainly in Belgium, Luxembourg and France. “The coach will come up with questioning processes that will help leaders or managers ask themselves the right questions while respecting their values ​​and beliefs,” explains Jonathan Blond. “It is then up to them to make decisions that suit them”. He insists that “the coach remains humble”. And he adds: “The customer is the actor of his life”.

Team work

Wolfpack means pack. “The analogy between human behavior and the behavior of the wolf in the group seemed significant to me”, says Jonathan Blond. “Power games, confrontation, but above all cooperation in hunting and raising the little ones are all aspects that made it impossible to give this name to my company”.
“Our mission is to share inspiration and team motivation for teams. This is what drives us. This is how he summarizes for the benefit of his clients the purpose of his coaching company. “I like this activity, which consists of coaching people as individuals or in companies when they need change, in search of balance and when they intend to act to achieve their vision. , their goals and their mission,” he says.
Jonathan Blond also invites his clients to explore their true nature by organizing one-day courses in the forest to offer them an expedition that promotes reflection, listens to their intuition, their feelings and pushes them into storage.

A triple “A” act

Jonathan Blond has behind him, at the age of 42, more than a thousand hours of life coaching practice, in business or with students. His clients derive from his services, which he explains, “the setting up of a transformation path, which he describes as ‘triple A’, that is, connected to the soul (the values ​​of the company and its leaders), daring ( dare to set ambitious goals and means to meet the needs of tomorrow’s society) and operate with love (love for himself to be inspiring and resourceful, love for colleagues with whom he works as a team and love for customers, love for the job)”.

He also offers personal coaching sessions to help his clients find work-life balance. “I am neither a counselor, therapist, coach or mentor,” explains Jonathan Blond. “My goal is to lead my coachees to autonomy”.
Jonathan Blond’s ambition today, as he says himself, is to “develop his team and bring people together and get them to work together to target large coaching markets that an independent coach alone cannot do alone.”

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