Kas Saed only listens to Isie

Member of the Independent High Authority for Audiovisual Communications (heck)Hichem Snooze believed that the independent high authority for the elections (isia) chose a policy with headlong haste. He called it an attempt to cover up his failure. Going back on the decision ofisia on media coverage of the election campaign without consulting them heckHichem Snooze believed that this body had not taken into account the change in voting method.

Speaking on November 24, 2022 during the show “Problem impossible” coughed up Boren Bsaies and broadcast on the radio MFIHichem Snooze argued that the decision of theisia constituted an obstacle to the law. He explained thatisia was not solely responsible for managing and organizing electoral actions at all levels. He also stated that he had exchanged with several media company officials to overcome the technical hurdles of media coverage of the campaign.

Hichem Snooze claimed that heck intends to play its part in terms of media observation of the election campaign.That heck has an observatory consisting of more than thirty experts… There are observational techniques… She (I’isia) do not know the method to be followed and the technical means to be used. L’isia takes a leap forward. Nevertheless, the instance (that heck) remains attached to its powers… That heck will not boycott the election on December 17… That heck must use its resources and exercise its role “, he declared.

Hichem Snooze confirmed that the President of the Republic, Kaïs Said only listened toisia. He implied that heck had sent him a letter, but that there had been no reaction from the presidential palace. Sir. Snooze explained that the lack of hearing of heck was the root of the errors and mistakes in the decisionisia on media coverage of the election campaign. He remembered thatisia had proceeded to the recording of the sessions with direct expression of the candidates in cooperation with the national television. Hichem Snooze suggested that this preceded the outbreak of the conflict in broad daylight. Subsequentlyisia entered into force upon the publication of the decision in question.

There are over a thousand applicants. What media establishment can handle this number of candidates… What is the role of political parties? Do they have the right to be present? Does the candidate have the right to mention the name of a political party? Does he have the right to put the party logo in front of his name on the ballot paper? These questions promptedisia to take a leap forward… That heck necessary participation Of all the world in the referendum campaign including opponents and boycotters… We had threatened not to adopt the joint resolution… A part ofisia only wanted to allow registrants in the referendum campaign. The forced passage took place to avoid awkward questions from heck “, he said.

Hichem Snooze I meantisia debated and made decisions about matters she had no knowledge of. He believed that this approach could take into account the issue of election integrity. Sir. Snooze returned to the issue of the appointment of an executive director to lead national television in accordance with the law. He explained that this subject had been the subject of a meeting between the chairman of heckFat Lime and the head of government, Najla Bouden. The latter had assured him that a list of names proposed at the head of this establishment would be sent in a few hours, but that this had not happened. He assured that heck will oppose any attack on the standards and criteria that concretely express and guarantee democracy and freedom of expression.


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