▷ How do you optimize your Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free and useful tool for businesses, grocery stores. Regardless of whether you are a large brand or an independent company, it is important to be visible and to be found digitally. How do you optimize your Google My Business for SEO?

What is the advantage of using Google My Business or Google Maps?

Google Maps allows you to locate and geolocate services such as restaurants, hairdressers… By being present with the Google business profile, you take positions against your competitors, you are present on natural searches in search engines.

Thus, this will allow you to work on your e-reputation with reviews to be found locally at the location of your IP address, for the natural reference to your store and your business. It’s a tool in the Google ecosystem that helps you better understand how your customers find you.

Does Google My Business pay?

Google My Business or Business Profiles is a free and super powerful tool: the link to the free subscription page: https://business.google.com

Therefore, verify existence to claim your file and be the owner and administrator.

Ask yourself several questions to optimize your GMB or Google My Business profile and capture new customers:

  • How to get more views on Google My Business?
  • How to get more visibility on Google Maps?
  • What is a service area?
  • What are the most important SEO criteria for Google My Business?

The 8 tips to optimize your Google My Business listing for SEO?

Take the time to analyze the statistics: impressions of the number of clicks to the site, calls, zones, keywords… and understand the searches on Google for which your business has clicks or visibility. The schedules, the categories need to be worked with to facilitate the transition to action: call, route request…

1. Questions to ask in the FAQ

These are time-wasting questions that internet users ask themselves via email or phone. Put them directly in GMB.

2. Website URL link or not to optimize your and your company’s visibility

Paste the link to the website or an opt-in page, landing page to get the email when you don’t have an email yet. Enter a suitable domain name that you can use for professional email addresses.

3. The keywords your customers and prospects type

Work with keywords in the description, services, posts and review responses.

4. Reply to reviews = google GMAIL account

Use the associated link to attach it to your email signatures, your communication campaigns on social networks, satisfaction questionnaires, etc.

We also advise you to proceed in the statements with the certified statements. There are several solutions, including optimizing customer reviews so that its e-reputation exists on the web, increasing security and trust for future customers.

5. Pictures and videos

Images and videos are widely viewed without necessarily going to or coming from social networks. Regularly improve the news about your store, your products and the life of the company using this type of visualization.

6. A social network and Google Post

Post news, events, achievements with keywords and images that can be forwarded on social networks. You can also set promotional codes!

7. Work area, your local area

Be sure to inform the cities, departments, regions where you want to be found. These are details provided by Google My Business and its algorithm.

8. Services and Products

You have the opportunity to inform and present your services and/or products, with descriptions and therefore keywords.

It is a job that requires time, analysis, adaptation to the behavior of competitors, customers and Internet users and to your needs for new customers.

Last advice, do not make more than 2 changes of information in the same day!

It’s up to you, I wish you a good sale!

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