Scam: a mother from Oise lost €5,400 in a cannabis business

JuicyFields, a company that promises very high returns, closed access to its online platform last July without giving any news or reason. (©Illustration)

“I felt alone,” says Agathe*, relieved to learn that other people are experiencing the same situation around her. This one lives in a village near Crepy-en-Valois (Oise) is one of the thousands of French victims who have invested their money in an online platform that gives a very fruitful return by buying cannabis plants.

About 30%this is the return on investment promised by JuicyField’s platform to those who had the courage to make a bank transfer or shipment in the form of cryptocurrency to virtually purchase a cannabis plant. The principle was simple, an investor could buy a plant from 50 euros.

After three months of growth in a foreign country and the sale of the plant, the investors had to recover their investment, to which was added a surcharge. At least that’s what JuicyFields promised.

An attractive return

And that was what had attracted Agathe in October 2021. “A friend had already told me about this good plan, but I hadn’t taken the time to take an interest in it,” she says. , then the idea came back to her when she heard about a possible increase in the rate for booklet A to 1%.

“I had looked at the rate on my booklet A (0.5% at the time – ed. note) and I saw the return that the company had promised, I thought about my children, I would give them 10,000 euros each for say,” she says.

“It worked, I reinvested”

She then started buying a few plants online that were growing in a crop in a foreign country. “It worked, I received the money and I reinvested,” explains Agathe. A trust was then established between her and this company, which extolled the benefits of medical cannabis, and until the beginning of summer, business was on fire.

JuicyFields’ online platform has become inaccessible from July 11, 2022. A tragedy for hundreds of thousands of investors around the world, as well as in France. Unemployed, business managers, employees or even students have seen the thousands of euros transferred to foreign banks disappear, like Geoffrey, 24, who has no trace of his 25,000 euros.

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A collective complaint

With no news from the company, the victims flocked to the messenger Telegram to reassure themselves, telling themselves that they are not the only ones who no longer have access to their JuicyFields account where they used to enter a password to buy plants or withdraw their money.

Quick, the idea of ​​a collective complaint imposed on itself when a thousand Spanish and German victims had united to lodge a complaint in their country. In France, Arnaud Delomel, lawyer in Rennes and specialist in credit and consumer law, was chosen to represent 450 victims want to sue.

We may be facing a scam, in which case the goal from the start was to defraud investors, or the company is subject to embezzlement by some of its executives or employees.

Arnaud DelomelLawyer at the bar in Rennes

Several years of investigation

“When I heard about it, I didn’t want to do anything, but I joined the collective complaint when I saw that we could pay the lawyer in several installments,” says Agathe. The mother of the family hopes to recover, “even partially”, her funds. “It’s going to be a long time”explains the lawyer Arnaud Delomel, “several years”, he clarifies.

The firm recently lodged a complaint with the national jurisdiction responsible for combating organized crime (Junalco).

What happened and where is the money? That’s the question everyone is asking, the investigation that begins may not provide answers for years.

*Assumed first name

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