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The small mascots that will embody the image of the Paris 2024 Olympics are at the heart of an unexpected controversy…

“Les Phryges” hit the headlines. Since being unveiled by Tony Estanguet, President of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee, these mascots have been highlighted. And with good reason: these little red monsters will for the vast majority be made in China. Bad type.

French Revolution or Cultural Revolution? ” The Phrygians “, whose appearance tries to remind the Phrygian cap, symbol of 1789, will be manufactured in China, in the country of Mao. A big leap back… Holy abuse at a time when the director is trying to reconnect with min France. Olivier Veranthe government spokesman, kicked into contact with his arms dangling: “We don’t know how to do it. An abandonment which is the very opposite of Napoleon’s maxim: ‘Impossible is not French.'” He is preparing Volume II of his apology book ?

We really don’t know what to do? After the ibroglio of the masks and the humiliation of the vaccine, here we are faced with the stampede of stuffed animals… Nice soap opera. Fortunately, some ministers, unlike Olivier Véran, still try to make themselves useful and do their job. Christophe Bechu, responsible for ecology, finds this case “problematic” and “would think that we still have a few months before the Olympics are held to be able to correct the issue”. “Lucidity is wound closest to the sun”, wrote René Char…

His colleague from Sport, Amelie Oudea-Castera, trying to mobilize. “We will try to have more ambition about moving production to France, we are working on this, we have contacts with all ministries, we will try to increase this share”, she indicated at the microphone of France Info. “I will believe”, “we will try”… What a whirlwind of ambition!

10% of stuffed animals produced in Brittany

The market will represent around two million stuffed animals. It was handed over to two companies: Gipsy and Doudou et Compagnie. The first, which will produce 40% of the stocks, will only do so from its Chinese factory. The second will provide the vast majority (60%). Or 1.2 million stuffed animals. Again, this company chooses China, but still: 200,000 “Phryges” will be branded made in France. Which in total and for all will represent 10% of the total number of stuffed animals. These mascot replicas will come out of the factory in Guerche-de-Bretagne (Ille-et-Vilaine), Doudou et Compagnie’s stronghold.

The factory will also expand to the apartment, which will provide the opportunity to create 50 new jobs. From January, 700 mascots mcome in France will be produced every day in Armorique. Alain Joly, director of Doudou and Companyensures that “offer can increase according to customer demand”.

So Chinese production or Breton production? Let’s compare the prices. For a plush of 28 centimeters, the first is sold for 26.90 euros against 49.90 euros for the second. It is clear that quality and the French social model come at a price. We must also take into account the structural differences between the Chinese factory, colossal, and the Breton one, on a human scale. Without forgetting the ecological impact…

The Bronca of the defenders of “Made in France”

Only one tenth of the production of mascots will be French. It’s a small arm. Some proponents of “French production” are rebelling against a sort blue white red wash… Amandine Hesse, chairman of Independent Association of made in France, do not take off. “There is no valid reason to produce in China other than the search for profit, because we have the means of production on French territory. Outraged by the methods of awarding public contracts, which are not protective enough, she wants to launch the initiative for a boycott.

Although this rather childish subject we find the famous conflict of philosophies between quantity and quality. Is it better to offer your child an endless variety of stuffed animals, which will mostly end up in the closets, or, on the contrary, to choose gifts that make sense and show a certain quality? It should be noted that before the 1980s, the Gipsy company produced its stuffed animals in France. Proof that the impossible was possible.

It will take courage

Olivier Véran would be wise to ask how this company functioned before it moved to China… No metaphysical power, no mystical divinity, in short, no death prevents France from leaving its productive lethargy. It just requires a real strategy… and a bit of political courage.

covid was an opportunity to raise awareness of the urgent need to shift production to certain essential sectors: energy, transport, electronics, medicine, textiles… Plush is definitely not an essential sector. But this little affair proves that the beautiful intentions of spring 2020 have fallen into disrepair. work as usual ?

Since with “The Phrygians” the revolutionary period is in the spotlight, to quote Danton: “We need audacity, more audacity, always audacity, and France is saved. ” Chicken!

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