Amazon: “The real business with fake authors and fake reviews”, condemns a nutritionist

Via his linkedin profile, Ulrich Genisson, a nutritionist, warned about Amazon’s abuse and the business made by fake book authors. He hopes to educate real writers and all publishers about this gigantic scam, the platform earns money for each “ghost book” sponsored.

This is “under the feeling of someone who is just tired” that Ulrich Genisson, author and speaker, exposed this scandal at Amazon. Together with his wife Nelly, he is the author of two bestsellers about the ketogenic diet. His first book with the title The Big Book of the Ketogenic Dietcame out in 2017. The release of the second, Hi Keto, date this year. Ulrich and Nelly Genisson work “for 10 years on a low-carb, high-fat diet”theme that they have become “recognized experts”he mentions on linkedin on 14 November.

Fake authors who have already published “several books on different and varied subjects”

If for Ulrich Genisson, “Writing a book takes a lot of time, requires extreme rigor and total involvement”this is not the case for all authors, let alone fake authors on the Amazon platform.

Amazon began publishing in 2009 to “to make it easy and accessible for everyone to publish their book”. But behind this alluring initiative hides a very sad one “phenomena”it off “fake writers”. Ulrich Genisson therefore conducted his research in the area he masters, namely the ketogenic diet. He thus discovered that on Amazon, “80% of available titles are under a pseudonym. Authors do not exist.

To confirm this, he took one of these books at random, the author “Éléonore Leclerc”, whose publisher is “Independently published”, in other words Amazon. “Search for the author in Amazon and discover that this author, who does not exist, has already published several books on various and varied topics sometimes within a week’s span”says the expert.

“The big business behind it all”

“Specifically, the people behind this lucrative business use our names to sponsor their books on the Amazon platform”, laments Ulrich Genisson. Taking the example of Eléonore Leclerc, he compared the reviews and ratings for each of his two books – 300 ketogenic recipes published on November 2, 2022 and 300 airfryer recipes published 19 October 2022 – written only 2 weeks apart. He found that “the same people” have published reviews of these two books. Pushing the search further and clicking on one of the profiles after giving his opinion (Victor_1960), he noticed that he had made 127 comments, at a rate of one per day, on books with very different themes, and whose authors “which does not exist” is “Published with ‘Independently Published’ as publisher”.

Finally, Ulrich Genisson explains how all this is possible. Just choose a theme “tendency” and off “to write a text”an operation that turns out “simple” mercy “for AI and cheap editors’ work”. Once we have found one “beautiful cover” for his book, with help “services of freelance graphic designers on the Internet” if prices also defy all competition, then put your manuscript online, with the paid paper version, not to mention the Kindle version. The latter allows the many fake Amazon customer accounts to download the book for free for a week and thus publish reviews. “verified”, as required by the platform. The author then pays Amazon to sponsor his book, “what makes it go up in the rankings”.

all “with the benevolent cooperation of Amazon”

Ulrich Genisson emphasizes that although “Such a scam cannot last for years”since the book will at some point collect negative comments from real readers, this scam nevertheless makes it possible to perform “€10,000 profit on each book before he died”. A death which is quite relative because it is enough “change cover and name and repost”so it finds another life, he points out. “You can publish as many books as you want on as many subjects”points out the ketogenic diet expert.

“I also deeply despair that this scandal is of no interest to anyone as it directly punishes the good authors who do the work while rewarding fraudsters with Amazon’s benevolent complicity.”which he concludes, “receives money for each sponsored ‘ghost book'”.

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