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How to open an Amazon Business account?

To start this test, here is our tutorial for creating and opening an Amazon Business account. First major benefit of the service, you get 50% off your first purchase up to €100 via this link. The first step is to enter your email address. If it is already linked to a classic Amazon account, you can use it with the Business version.

I, to do this Amazon Business review, chose to use my professional email to split orders more easily. The second step is to enter your full name and choose your password.

The information requested to create the Amazon Business account

The next page allows you to give Amazon Business all your business information: name, phone, address, but above all the VAT number, which will be useful later. Since this information is more sensitive than for a personal account, your account will be verified and validated within 3 days. Small precision, the creation of an Amazon Business account is of course free.

Create Amazon Business account

Amazon Business account verification

It is also within this 3-day period that you receive via e-mail the coupon for the 50% offered up to €100 on the first order. To take advantage of the coupon, enter it in the dedicated box when you confirm your first order. Don’t forget, it would be a shame to miss out!

Amazon Business Coupon Code

You will receive a campaign code by e-mail

What are the benefits of Amazon Business?

Apart from the 50% offered on the first purchase up to €100, open an Amazon Business account is very useful for a professional structure if you are used to ordering on the classic version of Amazon. First on Amazon Business, no Prime subscription required. 1 day delivery is offered automatically from €25 of purchase on products shipped by Amazon.

Amazon Business Catalogue

Amazon Business Catalogue

On the other hand, you have access to the entire Amazon catalog, and prices are the same as for B2C users. Flash sales and bargains are also available, the only difference is in the display of prices, excluding VAT. An identical price was, in my opinion, a decisive point for the success of Amazon Business.

But the real added value of Amazon Business lies in the administration of the account and the orders. It’s actually a real concern on the classic side when you’re buying as a business, the invoices aren’t always available and you have to request them by hand when it’s products being sold on the marketplace. On the other hand, you have the option to block orders that do not offer invoices with VAT, whether for you or your employees. In accounting management, this is a real plus.

Still at the administrative level, you can choose 30-day payment, which allows you to manage Amazon like any other supplier. If you have problems with cash management, this is a big plus. Last key point: the management of your account and your employees.

Test Amazon Business

How do you manage your Amazon Business account?

Amazon Business Company

The business management interface

This is one of the strengths of the service: you can configure absolutely everything on your account and the users. In your company section you can:

Manage orders

In addition to payment methods and delivery addresses (and if they are shared between members), you can specify additional mandatory information to be filled in with each order, up to a maximum of 6 fields. Convenient to fill out the purchase order, service or cost center.

Manage members

You can invite users to your business account by first choosing whether they are administrators or simple members (requesters).

Managing groups on Amazon Business

Managing groups on Amazon Business

You then need to create groups that allow you to assign permissions to members. Some can place direct orders, others need validation. Each group also has the right to use the addresses and payment methods shared by the administrators or operate in a closed cycle with their own addresses and payment methods.

This is useful for very large groups that have different budgets.

Management of purchasing policy

It is a very important part of the service. The administrator can perform several actions, the first (called Amazon Guided Buying) allows you to select preferred products or sellers and limit purchases to certain categories.

Guided purchase of Amazon Business

Procurement policy

Apart from the VAT administration I mentioned above, you can configure Amazon Business Approval Policies. You can block orders (all orders, those containing limited items or those above a certain limit). The person(s) whose account you have provided will validate your orders when necessary.

Amazon Business Approval Policy

You set the purchase rules

Integrations with procurement management software

I couldn’t test this feature because I don’t use a purchase system, but the service provides the option.

Test Amazon Business

My opinion on Amazon Business

I was afraid that the prices would be higher on a B2B-oriented service, but the catalog of more than 250 million products is exactly the same as on Amazon, as are the prices used and the interface. Only the logo at the top left and the settings change. Choosing Amazon Business is, in my opinion, saving time in your accounting management, especially in that it is easy to collect invoices, but above all not to mix your personal and professional orders. For larger groups, good management of your members saves a lot of time managing purchases, while keeping control of what is ordered.

Amazon Business Analytics

A key point is also the presence of a tool called Amazon Business Analytics. It includes some simple but time-saving reports for tracking refunds, order details and most importantly cross-references between orders and your accounting reports.

It was initially a simple test to give my opinion on Amazon BusinessI now want to use the service instead of my personal account, the accountant will be happy.

Amazon Business reviews

Amazon Business

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