Top 10 French business angels

Business Angels are men and women who invest their own funds in entrepreneurial projects, as diverse as they are. The editors have decided to give you their Top 14 of these entrepreneurial enthusiasts who highlight the young shoots of tomorrow.


The founder of the free mobile phone network, Xavier Niel is an excellent business angel. Since 2009, the entrepreneur has invested 35 million euros in equity in 230 different projects. The company Fundme presents him as the first French Business Angel according to a ranking published in April. Its originality comes from the diversity of the projects it supports. In 2010, together with Jérémie Berrebi, he founded the investment fund Kima Ventures, which aims to finance the results of start-up companies. At the same time, together with Mathieu Pigasse and Pierre Bergé, he bought the daily newspaper Le Monde, which was then in financial difficulties.

F station was created by Xavier Niel and is directed by Roxanne Varza. It is a startup campus, inaugurated on June 29, 2017, spread over 34,000 square meters and located in Halle Freyssinet, in Paris.


The founder of Cash Store and Malinea, which has since been sold to eBuyClub and, Catherine Barba has not left the world of entrepreneurship. She believes in the potential of start-ups and does not hesitate to promote them. Last October she made a short program on M6 entitled “Entreprendre C Grandir”, where she presents portraits of entrepreneurs. A season 2 is in preparation and will air in the coming months. She is also part of the association 100,000 Entrepreneurs, which aims to convey the spirit of entrepreneurship to school children. As a Business Angel, she funds many start-ups, including Leetchi, So Shape, Recommend and Trendsboard. In January 2020, it made an investment in Place2Swap, based in Île-de-France. She is also part of the jury for the show Who will be my partner? broadcast since this year on M6.


After creating Meetic, the famous dating website, in 2002, Marc Simoncini decided to invest in many innovative start-ups. With 12 million euros invested in 23 projects since 2009, the entrepreneur comes third in the ranking of the most active Business Angels in France, prepared by the company Fundme. In 2010, he created his own investment fund called Jaïna Capital with the aim of helping innovative companies with high potential. Among the start-ups that have received support is Winamax, a famous online poker and sports betting site founded by Patrick Bruel, Alexandre Roos and Christophe Schaming in 2007.

Investment banker and founder of Liautaud & Cie, a consulting and investment company, Martine Liautaud is a very active Business Angel in France. As a member of the Women Business Angels network, she bought the toy brand Mecano in the early 1990s and invested in the construction of solar plants in 2009. Very involved in the promotion of female entrepreneurship, she launched in September 2010 the association Women Business Mentoring Initiative (WBMI ), which aims to support female entrepreneurs in launching their entrepreneurial project and, above all, to help them pass the difficult course of three years of activity.


Less known than his friends due to his exile in the USA in 2000, Fabrice Grinda nevertheless created three companies:, Zingy and OLX. The first, launched in France in 1999, is an online auction site. The other two, founded in the US, continue to specialize in mobile games and ringtones and online classifieds, respectively. Today he has sold them all and is devoting himself to businesses all over the world. Since 2009, it has made 170 investments for a total amount of 26 million euros. In 2014 alone, 41 start-ups benefited from the money the entrepreneur invested.


As a starting point for the Iliad group’s customer relations and digital strategy, Angélique Gerard is also the founder of the company Memdis, sold in December 2006. In March 2015, she arrived at the head of the Choiseul 100, a ranking of the hundred future leaders of the French economy! She thus replaces Emmanuel Macron, who had taken first place during the 2014 edition. Business Angel has for 3 years now participated in the financing of the company Cook Angels, which offers home delivery of ready-made ingredients. In 2019, she made two investments, one of which in parallel with Chantal Baudron. : OurCo — 1.6 million euros — Digital solution in the form of a social network for freedom of expression in the workplace and Aive — amount not disclosed — Tool for automating personalized video content.


Founder of Fotolia, one of the world’s leading image banks present in 14 countries and with a turnover of 100 million dollars, Oleg Tscheltzoff also has a Business Angel activity. He says that he would like to finance projects that he is really in love with, as was the case for the companies 2 Heures Avant, Architurn or Restopolitan. He also entered the capital of the American investment fund Jeff Clavier. Since 2009, the co-founder of Amen has invested 2.1 million euros in 21 start-up projects, ranked seventh among the most active French Business Angels according to the Fundme ranking.


French entrepreneur and founder of Synerfia, a financial and strategic consultancy for SMEs, Morgane Rollando is also the treasurer of “Femmes Business Angels”. This association, which brings together around a hundred female entrepreneurs who personally invest in start-ups, is actually still the leading female Business Angel network in Europe. Since its establishment, 80 companies have benefited from the 4.6 million euros invested. Today, the founder himself is a Business Angel and helps many start-up companies both through support and equity investments.


Jacques-Antoine Granjon, co-founder of, an online event marketplace, has supported 19 entrepreneurial projects since 2009 and has invested 1.9 million euros of his personal fortune. In 2011, together with Xavier Niel and Marc Simoncini, he founded the European School of Internet Professions (EEMI), which offers students unprecedented training in Internet professions and web administration. In June 2013, the three entrepreneurs announced the financing of 101 business projects managed by young people under the age of 25, up to 25,000 euros each. Among the winners are the start-ups Snapkin, Tech4Team and

Marie-Christine Livet

Former associate director of Jaina Capital, Marc Simoncini’s investment fund, Marie-Christine Levet is now director of the public investment bank (Bpifrance) and the Iliad group. In particular, the entrepreneur participated in the fundraising of 100,000 euros, which was closed by the company Carnet de mode in the summer of 2012, an international online sales platform. It also remains a shareholder in Frenchweb, the magazine for digital professionals. She also comes in 34th place in the 50 best French Business Angels compiled by the company Fundme in June 2013.

Serial entrepreneur and co-founder of France Digitale, France FinTech and SISTA

The serial entrepreneur (Leetchi, MangoPay) has to date invested in more than 30 startups in the collaborative economy, crowdfunding and Fintech. Among them we find Pumpkin, Tacotax, iVesta, Yuka, Jimmy Fairly or Welcome to the Jungle.

With 9 million euros injected into 18 companies, the creator of PriceMinister, Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, is always at the forefront of investments. He is now co-founder of the Internet Entrepreneurs Investment Fund (ISAI).

Founder of, Denys Chalumeau has made investments for 2.4 million euros since 2009 in eight different companies. He is now the co-founder of Openoox (among others), a company that reinvents websites for internet browsers.

The founder of Smartbox and historical investor in TheFork, Pierre-Edouard Stérin (7 million euros, seven investments)

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