The Metaverse will be the “slow death” of Meta, according to the staff. |

While Mark Zuckerberg has no problem pouring in a huge amount of money to realize his vision of a virtual future, his employees are waiting for the apocalypse. According to Business Insider, some of them expressed their displeasure and predicted that the metaverse would slowly die.

More than forty Meta workers have posted their opinions on, a community where professionals discuss what’s happening in the industry anonymously. One of the most striking is a senior software developer who mentioned that Mark Zuckerberg will kill the company if he continues to develop the metaverse.

The Metaverse will be our slow death. Mark Zuckerberg is going to single-handedly kill a company with the metaverse.

Meta developer at Blind

Another developer said that while Meta is a big company, Zucks is pointing it in a different direction. ” I thought it was a data-driven company, but it’s actually based on a man’s instincts and feelings. No one can change their decision“, he declared. The criticism of the company and Metaverse comes after what is considered the biggest wave of layoffs in Meta’s history.

Metaverse is a disaster

She caused several of my colleagues to lose their jobs.

This makes us largely ignore the ad losses due to Apple’s privacy changes (and hopefully Android implements something similar).

All the leaders want to do is follow a chimera for the metaverse that is poorly executed (bottom up) and without real direction.

Mark has to go. The vision of the metaverse needs to have a better pace or I think many of us will be out of work in the near future.

Meta developer at Blind

Although the exact figure of what Mark Zuckerberg has invested in the metaverse is not public, some analysts believe that it is too high. Meta has reportedly spent over $15 billion since development began in 2021. The results so far have been disappointing for some who feel the leg avatars aren’t worth the money.

Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, mentioned that the amount of money Meta has spent is concerning. The company not only has to deal with this situation, but also with a lack of transparency towards its investors. Mr. Ives sees Metaverse as a gamble on the part of Zuckerberg and his team, who continue to face major obstacles in their core business.

Mark Zgutowicz, an analyst at Benchmark, goes further by arguing that there is no such thing as a metaverse. ” There is no real metaverse, at least from an evolutionary perspective, until we can all wear glasses that don’t make us look like aliens or whatever.“, he declared. The expert estimates that 60% of the money that Reality Labs has lost is due to the high costs of research and development involved in building a new universe.

Mark Zuckerberg is confident in his vision for the future

Despite millions of losses and layoffs, Mark Zuckerberg is convinced that the company is moving in the right direction. The CEO of Meta, which has already lost 70% of its fortune in the past year, said his company is among the most profitable and has great potential ahead.

We are at the forefront of developing the technology that will define the future of social connections and the next computing platform. We are doing important historical work.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta

It’s too early to draw conclusions about the Metaverse as everyone has a different take on it. Meta’s platform is under construction and bets on a future where we all wear headphones at work or going out. Consider it a ” slow death at this point is somewhat fatalistic; remember that Meta has three of the most used platforms in the world (Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram).

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