RobotEra: a Metaverse project that excites investors

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RobotEra now has sold over 4.3 million TARO (its original token) in its ongoing presale, which was launched just a week ago. The Ethereum-based platform develops a Sandbox-like Metaverse where players can participate in the creation of NFT-based terrain, structures and objects in the game while creating new metaverses and connecting with other NFT communities.

The rapid development of RobotEra’s token presale raises high hopes for the platform and its initial token, which Could potentially yield significant gains when listed on crypto exchanges later this year. And with venture capital backing from LBANK Labs already secured, it won’t be long before it starts getting listings.

This Metaverse Project Gets Investors Excited: The Next 20x Crypto?

In development since early 2022, the alpha version of RobotEra’s long-awaited Metaverse should go live at the end of the first quarter of 2023. This gives the platform a few more months to complete its pre-sale, which will take place in three stages.

Early investors can participate in this sale by visiting RobotEra’s website. From there, they simply log into their cryptocurrency wallet Wallet Connect Where MetaMask and D’buy TARO using ETH or USDT.

Since the sale is only in its first phase, the price of a TARO is fixed at $0.02. However, this price will increase $0.025 in the second phase that is USDT 0.032 during the third phase, which means that the price of TARO will have jumped 60%even before quotations on the market places.

Each of the three phases of the sale will sell 90 million TARO each, with a total of 270 million TARO representing 15% of its maximum total supply of DKK 1.5 billion. In contrast, the largest shares will go to RobotEra’s DAO-based treasury (33%) and play-to-earn rewards that it will reserve for its players (25%).

RobotEra’s metaverse

The main reason RobotEra was able to sell more than 4.3 million TAROs so quickly is that it presented a very interesting ecosystem with interesting game features. Its Metaverse will allow players to embody robots that will be tasked with managing their own terrain based on NFT technology. and to create the various elements of the virtual world of RobotEra.

RobotEra will allow players to acquire digital resources in the game world, create new robots, pursue various quests and participate in events such as virtual concerts. The game will also reward them in TARO while playing, as almost every item in the game can be traded.

According to their white paper, RobotEra will also allow players to do so build “a new metaverse with other NFT communities” while allowing them to incorporate “NFTs from other communitiesThis means that its ecosystem and platform will ultimately create an interoperable multiverse where NFTs from multiple platforms can be traded interchangeably.

The RobotEra team expects the presale to close by the end of the year, when D2T will go public. Given that it has already received funding from LBANK Labs (which could be 2% of TARO’s total supply, or 1.8 billion), there is a good chance that the LBANK exchange will be one of the first exchanges to list D2T.

As for TARO’s utility, players can use it to trade goods and items in the game, whilea staking feature will ultimately allow holders to earn more TARO simply by locking them up.

In other words, TARO has a fundamental use case. As such, it should see increasing demand and increasing price over time, assuming RobotEra becomes a successful and popular gambling platform.

This will be no small feat as blockchain-based gaming is already dominated by platforms such as The Sandbox, Decentraland and Axie Infinity. But with decent fundamentals and a clear track record, RobotEra has every opportunity to carve out a real place for itself in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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