ICN Business School: key figures, new campus and new “Horizon 5000” strategic plan!

The school, which today has three campuses around the world (Paris, Nancy, Berlin), revealed its sound new strategic plan for the period 2022-2026entitled” Skyline 5000 Let’s go back together to the school’s key figures as well as the components of this strategic plan and the new features offered at ICN Creative Business School!

ICN in numbers

  • 38% : This is the proportion of international students currently studying at ICN.
  • 3000 : This is the number of students enrolled in ICN this year. With the new strategic plan, this number is supposed to grow to approximately 5,000 students.
  • 3 : Number of school campuses: Paris (La Défense), Nancy and Berlin in Germany.
  • 120 : Your partner universities around the world
  • +21,000 : These are all the school’s winners
  • 82 : This is the number of tenured professors, of whom 93% are doctors and 40% are graduates from a foreign university.

ICN: New campus in Paris La Défense!

The school, which has been present since June 2018 in Paris La Défense, has occupied a new building since September 2022: the hills of L’Arche. It is a building of a total of 8000 m2, located at the foot of the Grande Arche. ICN’s presence in this new building is part of #ATM access (art, technology, management) of the school, which aims to offer students new experiences, on the border of creativity and innovation. The school will thus be able to accommodate 2,000 students, bachelor’s or PhD.

The building occupied by the school consists of 9 floorsof 20 classrooms promote creativity and innovation and even a roof terrace ! What more !

“Horizon 5000” plan: ICN reveals its peculiarities!

This strategic plan follows on from the two previous ones called “Elan 2020” and “Ambition 2022”, which aimed to ambition to confirm the school as “a reference school ranked among the first in France”.

The current plan aims to increase the school’s current size and to develop the school according to the plans quantitative and qualitative. This can also be seen with the new La Défense campus with a total area of ​​8,000 m2. Eventually the school had to accommodate 5000 studentshence the name “Horizon 5000”.

The current plan is built around 5 pillarswhich we will detail below:

  • The student’s experience and employability

Always with the idea of ​​improving the student experience, the programs offered will be enriched in particular, and the school has its own Institute of Student Experience, which allows to follow the students very closely, from their admission to their integration in the professional world. In addition, strategic alliances will be established with other schools on orthogonal disciplines (ie not offered at ICN). There are already some partnerships like the one with the Politecnico di Milano school.

  • Partnerships: a shared commitment

Strong relationships are being built and will be strengthened with pioneering industrial and economic partners. As a reminder, school counts 120 partner companies.

It is within the framework of this objective that the ATM club (art, technology and management) is established. This is a club consisting of a network of schools around the world similar to ICN. In particular, partnerships will take place with these schools to allow students to undertake academic exchanges.

The school also depends on the students’ participation to co-construct the programs.

  • International, a strong network

The school’s efforts to develop internationally will continue. Relations with foreign partners (accredited up to 85%) will soon be born. The school wants their students to be fully capable of working in an environment made up of people from all backgrounds, cultures, languages ​​etc.

Nowadays, 6 schools responded positively:

  • HEC Liege, Belgium
  • National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
  • Hanyang, South Korea
  • Kozminsky, Poland
  • Center PUCP, Peru
  • Umeå School of Business, Sweden.
  • Research expertise:

The school wants to achieve a critical mass of research for international visibility. She also wants to be recognized as leader in DDRSE (see below in the article) and in terms of interdisciplinarity. As such, the school will invest in development of its infrastructure to allow research to flourish.

  • Operating experience: BOOST! :

Boost! is the name of the project that is set to create grow and diversify the school’s educational resources. This also involves improving processes and teaching efficiency. As such, significant investments will be made, aimed at developing digital infrastructure and ERP.

ICN: Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility

The school claims to have inserted an SD-CSR dimension in all teaching modules. This dimension is also encouraged through student association actions and activities.

As part of the 22-26 strategic plan, the school will adopt responsible initiatives such as purchase of electric or hybrid cars. Employees also all have a bicycle bonus, so they can buy or rent a bicycle or scooter. School goes too be marked on these topics.


Icn is undeniably a school of the era and one that has many assets. The many innovations in the strategic plan place the school on a higher level, and we could expect an increase in the school’s popularity this year! Cause to follow!

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