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Anne Hidalgo facing her balance. Not terrible…

The mayor of Paris made her case even worse last week by doubling the amount of property tax for Parisians. Evidence of financial management that absolutely leaves something to be desired…

Sometimes you have to know how to let go. Leave the track. Not to hurt others, but also not to hurt yourself. It’s something Anne Hidalgo doesn’t know how to do. Incidentally, it is in a way his merit. She does not give up or give in to adversity, which in politics is a certain quality. Clinging to his armchair, this hothead practices the Coué method as if it were an Olympic discipline: “When I get up in the morning, I act like everyone loves me! “. Nothing is obvious when we do it 1.7% of the presidential vote. It requires a lot of imagination.

What does she see from the huge windows of her colossal office at the Hôtel-de-Ville? And during his many excursions by car, with driver and flashing lights? There is no doubt that there is a lot of denial in this lady. The Parisians, in unison, complain about a city that is ugly, violent, sometimes dirty to fallow. Only rats, or sorry, Norway rats, Enjoy. But her loyal following, who surround her jealously, continue to tell her, day after day, that history will prove her right, that she is bravely misguided in her fight for climate and social progress. And then, if there are problems, there is always someone else to blame.

+ 52% for property tax!

At this moment, it is for the state that Hidalgo comes to the misfortune of his city. If the debt ratio in Paris has increased by 40% in 5 years to almost 8 billion euros, it is because the ugly Jacobin state did not want to “stand alongside Paris”.

So take out the mourning and Sicilian widows. Faced with the disastrous management of the city’s finances, Anne Hidalgo didn’t have a choice. He had to pick up his pen and write to the Parisians (and Parisians) to tell them some very bad news… The unprecedented explosion of property taxes. Plus 52% all of a sudden! This is a famous bamboo stroke. And while it suggests exonerating unsafe owners and those who want to carry out energy insulation work, it is still a spectacular tax penalty.

Too bad if she had promised not to raise taxes during the 2020 municipal campaign! There was no doubt that there was a star in the program. Vows bind only those who believe in them… Too bad for the fools. All the worse if the city of Paris has made no effort to control its fixed costs, its structural costs, its administrative management. We shave for free, the board is for the taxpayers.


It is that Anne Hidalgo has to Paris grandiose ambitions. Pay the taxpayer to absorb the bill of his sweet dreams. Parisians have not seen anything yet: at the end of her second term, she will launch huge works, from the Champ de Mars to Concorde, as Baroness Haussmann for climate change. Without forgetting the Olympics in Paris, pharaonic, which promises to salt the bill like never before. Let’s take a tour of the many construction sites…

While his communist housing assistant, Ian Brossat, dreams of a Paris made up of 40% housing public in 2035 (the small East Berlin side) the city hall bought Tango, a famous gay nightclub in the Marais, in financial difficulties. The “municipal nightclub” was invented… What an innovation, what a remarkable sense of celebration! Cost to the taxpayer: 6.7 million euros. Everything is fine. Let’s not forget the lavish grants that Anne Hidalgo hands out at any cost. In this case, money seems to burn his fingers. Small almanac, obviously not exhaustive. Citizen action for Algeria? €9,360. The citizens? 13,000 euros. PSG business association? 100,000 euros. Qatar says thank you.

Accounting transparency

Another trace of financial sobriety that we slide in all friendship to the capital aedile. The transition to 35 real hours for all municipal employees (some are still on 32 hours paid 35). Another idea: reduce communication a bit – the service has about 300 people. Nice army.

Difficult besides really knowing the accuracy of the grants from the city of Paris. We remember thatAnne Hidalgo still refuses to send her expense reports at the Court of Auditors. And as Martine Aubry’s grandmother used to say: “When it’s cloudy, there’s a wolf. »

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