Cast of Family Business: all about the actors in the series

The actors who play along Family business succeeded in making it one of the most endearing French comedies of the last decade. Funny, quirky, inspiring and seductive, Gérard Hazan, Joseph Hazan, Aure Hazan, Ludmila Rosenberg, Olivier Pariente, Ali Benkikir, Clémentine Cendron, Aïda Benkikir and Youssef Benkikir bring to Igor Gotesman’s script exactly what he needed to become a worldwide success. But do you know everything about these actors? We point our cameras in isolation at these heroes of laughter.

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The backbone of the series Family business this is undoubtedly its interesting scenario in several respects. But what makes it work more are the actors who pull the plot in the funniest ways possible, brought under the control of Igor Gotesman, creator and director.

At the heart of the plot is a crazy family founded by Gérard Hazan and played by Gérard Darmon. He stars there with Jonathan Cohen, Julia Piaton, Liliane Rovère, Olivier Rosemberg, Ali Marhyar, Louise Coldefy, Lina El Arabi and Oussama Kheddam. On the screen, they are respectively Joseph Hazan, Gérard’s son, Aure Hazan, Gérard’s daughter, Ludmila Rosenberg, Gérard’s stepmother and Joseph and Aure’s grandmother, Olivier Pariente, a close friend of the Hazan family, Ali Benkikir, a close friend of The Hazan family and brother of Aïda, Clémentine Cendron, daughter of the Minister of Health and Olivier’s girlfriend, Aïda Benkikir, Ali’s sister, Aure’s best friend and wife of Joseph and Youssef Benkikir, brother of Ali and Aïda.

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Gerard Darmon

Gérard Darmon is a French-Moroccan actor and singer born on February 29, 1948 in Paris to Algerian Sephardic-Jewish parents. His father, Henri Messaoud Darmon, moved to Paris in 1937 after leaving Oran, where he was known as a notorious hoodlum operating under the pseudonyms “trompe-la-mort” and “riquet de Bastille”.

After becoming a wine representative and therefore socially stable, Gerard Darmon’s father wanted to get married. This is how he chose a woman whose image was presented to him and vice versa. The latter joined him in Paris after leaving Aïn El Arbaa in Algeria in 1947.

Gérard Darmon was born the following year. It owes its first name to the fame that the actor Gérard Philipe enjoyed at the time. The young Gérard spent his youth in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, near the Parc Montsouris. Around the age of 10, during a summer camp in Brittany, he had the opportunity to play radio games Double or finish. This is how he discovered his budding passion for the stage.

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He then dropped out of high school when he entered high school. Gerard then spent four months in Israel at Kibbutz Hasolelim, as a member of Hanoar Hatzioni. Back in Paris, Gérard Darmon began taking drama lessons under Bernard Bimont. But in 1972 he could not be admitted to the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art. It was then that he started performing in café theaters with Jean-Pierre Bacri. They have been seen on stage together for about a decade.

It was Roger Hanin who gave him his first small roles in the cinema. In 1973, he was hired by casting director Margot Capelier for a supporting role in The adventures by Rabbi Jacob. Since then, he hasn’t stopped touring. Between 1969 and 2022, he starred in almost a hundred films, television films, series and web series.

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Jonathan Cohen

Jonathan Cohen is a French actor, director and producer. He was born on June 16, 1980 in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. Grandson of a rabbi and son of Jacqueline Kakou, Jonathan Cohen was born into a Sephardic Jewish family. He is the only child of his parents who have been divorced since he was five years old. Between his father working in the perfumery trade and his mother employed by Crédit Agricole, little Jonathan preferred to grow up in Pantin in Seine-Saint-Denis with his mother.

After passing the STT Accounting baccalaureate, he embarked on a working life by working alternately in real estate and as a window salesman. It was therefore by chance that he arrived first at the theatre, then at the cinema. After yielding to the insistence of a friend who had invited him to attend a theatrical improvisation course, Jonathan Cohen was immediately taken with passion by this discovery.

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He therefore decided, just two months later, to resign from his position at Isotherm to enroll in a theater school, The sudden workshops, founded by Raymond Acquaviva. In early 2000, he joined the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art. In 2001, he went on an adventure to New York with friends, with a three-month tourist visa in his pocket. He worked there as a waiter before returning to France after the September 11 attacks.

Jonathan Cohen has long been known as the figure of the series character Serge le Mytho Blocked broadcast on Channel +. He then starred in a spin-off series dedicated to the character. However, he had previously lent his features to the character of Charles i Shortly said. The voice of Jonathan Cohen also constantly rings in the ears of lovers of Me, ugly and evil, a comic for which he worked on the dubbing for the character of Doctor Néfario. In 2020, he directed the series The flame of Canal+. He thus surfed the critical and commercial success of this series, whose second season, The Torch: The Adventurers of Chupacabra is published for 2022.

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The year 2020 was a decisive turning point in his career and the least we can say is that the beginning of this decade smiled on him. He actually starred in three comedies released that year: Simply black, terrible jungle and Huge. We also saw it in season 2 of Family businesswhen he gave the credits to The flame, influenced by Fabazad, a parody of The Bachelor where he also wore the costume of Marc, an airline pilot in search of true love. Between 2006 and 2022, he starred in 56 productions.

Julia Piaton

Julia Piaton is a French actress, born January 29, 1985 in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. She is one of the daughters of Charlotte de Turckheim and Jean-Marc Piaton. The actress grew up with her two sisters named Clara and Johanna.

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Julia Piaton first wanted to pursue a career in journalism. She therefore obtained a master’s degree in journalism before taking the courses with Thibault de Montalembert. She then played at Ciné 13 Théâtre i Family stories by Biljana Srbljanovic. Julia also starred Horny something by Sheila Callaghan.

In 2006, it was Julia’s mother, whose footsteps she did not want to follow anyway, who offered her her first film role in the film Aristos which she did. Julia then multiplied her appearance in many films, esp Our 18 years in 2008, Gosh! in 2012 and For the happiness of the trolls in 2013.

Noticed thanks to her unique acting, Julia Piaton was able to land one of the main roles in the hit comedy What the hell have we done? She played Odile, a dentist belonging to the Catholic bourgeoisie and married to a Sephardic Jew, to the dismay of her family.

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She then went on to other roles in cinema before embracing television. We have seen her in the role of Jessica’s character in seasons 4, 5 and 6 of Profiling. She also starred Elise’s secret, one of the drama series of TF1.

She lent her features to the character Ariane, the mother of the missing child. In February 2021, Julia Piaton received a César nomination for Best Female Hope for The things we say, the things we do. Between 2006 and 2022, the actress took part in the filming of 32 films and series

Liliane Rovere

Liliane Rovère is a French actress born Cukier on January 30, 1933 in Paris 4. From her teenage years, Liliane Rovère began to frequent jazz circles. She remained passionate about this music. Raped in 1951 at the age of 18, she left France three years later to settle in the United States. It was there that she met Chet Baker in one of the famous jazz clubs where she had become accustomed.

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She then took acting lessons before landing her first small roles in television series. This is how she was discovered in 1970 by Bertrand Blier, who gave her a role in Calmthen a few years later, i Prepare your tissues.

In 1998, Liliane Rovère received the Elf for Best Actress for The subject by Christian Rouaud. A decade later, she had her first experience as a director by placing herself behind the camera for the filming of the fictional short film entitled Modus vivendi which she herself had written. The film was presented in competition at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in 2010.

Between 2015 and 2020, Liliane Rovère had one of the main roles in the France Télévisions series Ten percent. Partly inspired by her own life and especially her relationship with Chet Baker, this series featured her in the role of impresario Arlette Azémar.

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It is since 2019 that the French actress also plays in the series Family business on Netflix, where she plays Ludmila Rosenberg, Gérard’s mother-in-law and grandmother to Joseph and Aure. In 2022, she got the role of Monique in the ninth season of the TV series Léo Matteï, Brigade of minors, The poison of the secret.


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