Bassem Trifi, new blood to lead LTDH and right historical wrongs

Bassem Trifi, new blood to lead LTDH and right historical wrongs

Over the past year, the role of the Tunisian League for Human Rights (LTD) is weakened and its management has accumulated errors. The latter had chosen to line up behind the current in place. The participation of LTDwinner of the Nobel Peace Prize, at the fake dialogue between the president of the republic, Kaïs Said was a disappointment to human rights activists and public affairs enthusiasts and damaged his credibility. The organization’s leadership supported the establishment of Kaïs Saïd’s soft dictatorial rule. It was a mistake that, at best, was seen as an insult to the history of the national organization.

After a series of woeful mistakes, a sense of relief and hope was felt after the rise to the top of the league by a new management that opposed the decisions of the previous board and their support for Kaïs Said. New blood that can right the compass. The work of the Eighth Congress of LTD ended on Sunday 13 November 2022 in the evening after the election of Bassem trifle 108 votes as league chairman. He becomes, at the age of 42, the eighth president of LTD. He is a man in the field close to working class quarters. Bassam trifle studied at the Faculty of Law and Political Science in Tunis. He is a lawyer and the son of the lawyer and activist Mokhtar trifle. He is known for his leftist orientations and was a student activist.

In the years after the revolution, Bassem became trifle chose to focus on the issue of impunity in cases of police violence. He is able to recite the list of all citizens murdered by law enforcement whose records have been buried. He raises this issue at every media appearance and expresses his support for the prosecution of the guilty and the speeding up of the legal process. This is a personal matter for him and he strongly believes in it. He supervises the files in which LTD intervenes within the framework of documentation of abuses and crimes and judicial seizure. HAVE on the occasion of protests and demonstrations you can see Bassem trifle screaming with his phone and coordinating with the remains of the members of LTD in anticipation of any attack and to prepare to defend the protesters. It can be found in police stations, in detention centers and on the street, in the company of protesters, then in the evening on one of the media channels.

Throughout last year, Bassem Trifi was the “rebellious son” of the league, while Jamel Msallem and especially Béchir Laâbidi (Secretary General of LTD) was always ready to support the President’s initiatives and monopolize internal decision-making. Bassem Trifi did not hesitate to warn against the dangers of the coup d’état of the President of the Republic, the attacks on freedoms and the increase in the number of cases of police attacks, trials targeting opponents and civilian appearances before military courts. Bassam trifle had refused to participate in the dialogue organized by the President of the Republic. Nevertheless, the management of LTD ignored internal opponents and chose to submit to power in place under the pretext of “yes, but” or critical support for the July 25 process. Shameful support for the organization! The League deviated from its historical role and witnessed the charade that was the shaping of Kais’ personal constitution Said. This support gave him legitimacy that allowed him to write it unilaterally. The League had even subsequently supported the referendum and adopted the writing of the President of the Republic as the new constitution.

While the league’s leadership had played a role in establishing an authoritarian system, Bassem was trifle remained a man in the field documenting the attacks human rights by the police Taoufik Charfeddin. A suspicious death, assault, torture, illegal arrests, kidnappings by the police and increased violence. That LTD opted for silence and settled for a few “nice” press releases, sometimes blaming the system in place for disrespecting human rights. This is the same system supported by the old management. Jamel Msallem had participated in the fake dialogue and thus implicated a historical organization in a crime against the state committed by a populist president.

A great responsibility rests on Bassem’s shoulders trifle and new members of the executive board in a general dark and suffocating atmosphere due to the high level of violence and human rights violations. The new leadership must correct the league’s positions and return to the relentless defense of human rights. Perhaps the first step to follow would be a boycott of the next general election.

Abir Guesmi

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