2,489 crossing attempts thwarted by the National Guard in ten months

Jebabli: 2,489 crossing attempts defeated by the National Guard in ten months

The spokesman for the Directorate General of the National Guard, Housesem Eddine jebabli ensured that the operational management statistics were continuously updated. He stated that the National Guard has four maritime districts: that of the north, that of Sahelcenter and south. During the night between 8 and 9 November, 17 attempts to cross the maritime borders took place, of which 15 were at the level of the centre’s maritime district. This is the regional grouping Sfax, Kerkennah and Mahdia.

Guest on November 11, 2022 in the show “La matinale”, hosted by Myriam Belkadhi and broadcast on the radio Shems FM, Housesem Eddine jebabli indicated that 67% irregular crossing attempts have taken place at the level of the maritime district in the centre, either from Sfax, Kerkenah and Mahdia. Housesem Eddine jebabli explained that the National Guard units were attacked during the arrest of certain boats. Molotov cocktails and objects used as projectiles were seized.

The sides of the boats are fitted with pointed metal bars to prevent intervention by National Guard units… The sea is not a highway… This is a large area to cover… The inspection follows our intervention to study the operating condition and the chosen timing… Recently, in Bizerte, we heard that a canoe sank… We immediately intervened to carry out the rescue operation… The investigation revealed that four missing persons were able to swim to shore “, he added.

Housesem Eddine Stay argued that attempts at irregular migration have increased dramatically over the past decade. He believed that the security approach was not sufficient. He also believed that the increase in the number of arrests means the effectiveness of the National Guard units. In the past ten months, the National Guard has prevented 2,489 crossing attempts. There are 28,102 people, almost half of whom are Tunisian citizens. More than 15,000 people arrested were foreigners, including 890 from Arab and Asian countries. Sir. Stay stated that the number of Tunisian miners was almost equal to foreign miners. There were more foreign women than Tunisian women.

Pregnant women participate in the crossings… A woman gave birth to twins… One of them had died and the other had been rescued by civil protection… There are several minors and babies in the boats… We have noticed an increase in family participation in these crossbreeding trials… There are also people who have been cheated by the smugglers… We brought them from north to south and we told them they reached the Italian shores », he added.

Housesem Eddine Stay assured that the smugglers were organized and that there were dubious firms specializing in the construction of yachts that went on to manufacture canoes. He said 625 people who organized crossings were arrested by the National Guard. This figure includes 23 persons of foreign nationality. The spokesman for the general management of Hold national explained that several people who were arrested were part of the cream of Tunisian society. Many of them are fleeing Tunisia because of convictions about poor checks. Extremists are also wanted in connection with terrorist cases.

Afterwards, Housesem Eddine Stay said that the regular crossings included smuggling operations from Tunisia to Italy, but also to move goods in the opposite direction. The value of the seized goods is close to 144 million dinars. National Guard units prevented 4,376 smuggling operations. This is more than 2,000 inquiries and 135 million dinars more than last year. It involves the smuggling of drugs, food, medicine, new or used clothes, mobile phones and even cows.

Housesem Eddine Stay said central units of the National Guard were investigating drug lords responsible for drug trafficking. He said that 6,009 investigations for drug use, smuggling or trafficking were reported by the Ministry of Interior for the period January-August 2022, i.e. 1,762 surveys more than the whole of 2021. These investigations led to 2,573 more arrests than last year. National Guard units have seized more than 899,000 tablets in the past ten months. This figure was equal to 98,000 for the same period in 2021. He warned against the spread of drug use in school rooms.

Housesem Eddine jebabli also raised the issue of sports betting and irregular companies engaged in this practice. He said more than 650 raids were organized. This made it possible to grab more than 30 million dinars. The seizure includes currency and even cryptocurrency. He suggested that companies presenting themselves as specialized IT and communications structures were behind sports betting. These companies are in contact with established networks in Eastern European countries.is.


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