the government abandoned the public sector

Deputy General Secretary of the Tunisian General Workers Union (UGTT)Samir Cheffi criticized the lack of clarity and transparency around the reform program agreed between the government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He recalled that the trade union center emphasized the importance of implementing structural reforms. He explained thatUGTT refused to equate the implementation of reforms with the privatization of public enterprises.

Invited on November 10, 2022 to the show “La Matinale” by Myriam Belkadhi on the ether Shems FM, Samir Cheffi ensured thatUGTT were dissatisfied with the state of the public sector. He believed that the government has turned its back on a strategic sector that affects the lives of Tunisians on a daily basis. He insisted on good governance and the start of a dialogue dedicated to the study of public companies in difficulty. Sir. Cheffi believed that the priority was to analyze the management of these companies. Internal management and the employment of managers at the head of public companies is based on patronage. He explained that the trade union center presented a proposal for economic restructuring and accepted the issue of social restructuring.

Bring the example TunisairI’UGTT accepted the dismissal of more than 1,200 employees. None of this happened… This will alleviate the crisis at the level of this company… We have to go to these kind of solutions… We only seek to apply costly measures to employees… It is paradoxical… The position of the President of the Republic, Quay Saidwhether the public sector is exactly that theyUGTT We welcome this position and we expect the implementation of reforms that reflect this “, He continued.

Samir Cheffi insisted on the importance of examining the situation of public enterprises on a case-by-case basis. The reform of public enterprises requires appropriate solutions to save these structures. Sir. Cheffi returned to the situation La Régie Nationale des Tobacco and matches (RNTA). He recalled that this company guaranteed large profits to the state. It is more than 2 billion dinars. The real problem RNTA is poor governance and the absence of a modernization project. He stated that the material resources were available, but that the state had not carried out the necessary recruitments. He strongly criticized the governments’ attitude and believed that the state has abandoned the public sector. He spoke of an assassination attempt on the public sector to serve the interests of certain “vultures”.

Samir Cheffi assured that neither he nor any other head of the vocational center had received information regarding the reform programme. He emphasized the importance of the themes covered by this program. The Deputy Secretary-General also recalled thatUGTT had put forward a proposal regarding reforms of public enterprises, compensation, the tax system and public finances.

Regarding compensation, Samir Cheffi returned to certain rumors about the amounts that will be transferred to households. That would be 120 dinars a year or ten dinars a month. Samir Cheffi called on the government to reconsider its position and warned against the dangerousness of this information. He believed that the amounts transferred to each household should exceed 400 dinars per month.

Regarding the boycott of classes initiated by some of the teachers, Samir Cheffi called on the General Association for Basic Education and the Ministry of Education to find an immediate solution. He strongly criticized the marginalization of teachers and students. He confirmed that the state and the teachers must accept their responsibilities and resume negotiations to find a solution.

Also Samir Cheffi Wafa reminded Chedly that the rumor directed at the general secretary ofUGTTNoureddine Tabooand that it had taken over had been launched by the Islamists. This is a hoax, according to which Noureddine Taboo allegedly received a check for almost 700 thousand dinars from the United Arab Emirates. He called on her to provide the evidence for this claim.


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