Numeum and Bitkom want Europe to promote startups

“We welcome the continuity of the European commitment in favor of financing start-up ecosystems. But in our opinion, the topic of investment is not the only one”, emphasizes Guillaume Buffet, president of U Change and Numeum administrator. This professional digital organization has just submitted initiatives aimed at consolidating the European ecosystem of startups and scaleups by getting closer to its German counterpart, Bitkom.

For them, the goal is to facilitate the signing of the first contracts and support the development of their business. “If there is no turnover, fundraising is useless. Almost all the startup owners we interacted with share this observation. For them, a big contract is worth a fundraiser”continues Guillaume Buffet.

“A procurement manager will tend to question the reliability of a startup”

However, innovative companies encounter various obstacles when marketing their products or services. Those who work with public actors are particularly confronted with the legislative framework that regulates tenders and competition. “There is also a subject of concern and procurement policies. Working with little ones is not always reassuring. A purchasing manager will tend to question the company’s reliability”emphasizes the administrator of Numeum.

At the same time, startups must enter into contracts to be fast. This does not necessarily correspond to the policies of public organizations. “The European Union could therefore act to facilitate the signing of these contracts. One of the ways that we propose is to provide compensation to the customer during the first months of cooperation. So he can be sure that society do not fail him.”, states the representative of Numeum, which proposes the creation of a “European guarantee fund”. For professional organisations, this support can also go through the implementation of a European preference strategy, which will guide public purchasers in their technological choices.

A homogeneous legislative framework

More generally, Numeum and Bitkom think so “The European Union must adopt an effective strategy”. The latter could consist of concentrating on a few champions who would benefit from the 10 billion euros in funds made available under the “European Tech Champions Initiative (ETCI)” and European business support measures. “Thanks to a trickle-down effect, the entire technological ecosystem can benefit from it”emphasize the two organizations.

According to them, Europe’s strategy should focus on three areas: a clear and homogeneous legislative and regulatory framework, levers that encourage large public and private players to become customers very early, but also an attractive European working environment that would make it possible in particular for to deal with the lack of talent.

Another challenge: simplifying the internationalization process for European companies seeking to establish themselves in their neighboring countries. “Working in Europe today is more complicated than with China or the US, there are obstacles everywhere. For example, we propose to create a European employment contract. If we want champions, they must be international.”says Guillaume Buffet.

70% of GreenTech and CleanTech startups are European

With more than 3,300 startups and scaleups in the GreenTech and CleanTech universe, Europe already concentrates 70% of the global startups in the field, while it only has 64% of the total startups and scaleups. “This demonstrates its lead in terms of climate and environmental change. We can be very good in some areas. But for that it is necessary to ease the order »insists Guillaume Buffet.

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