Kas Saed’s term ended when the 2014 constitution was replaced by the 2022 constitution

Amine Mahfoudh: Kas Saed’s mandate ended when the 2014 constitution was replaced by the 2022 constitution

Law professor and member of the National Advisory Commission for a New Republic, Amine Mahfoudh, believed that the deterioration of the country’s economic situation was due to the failure of the democratic transition since the revolution of January 14, 2011. Without quoting it, Amine Mahfoudh implied that Kais Said was unable to manage the country and find a solution to the economic and social crisis.

Guest on 9 November 2022 in the program “Expresso” hosted by Manel Gharbi and broadcast on Express FM radio, Amine Mahfoudh believed that every revolution gave rise to conflicts between citizens and to divergent ideas about the class struggle or the relationship between state and religion. He believed that political parties were the ideal structures to discuss these differences. According to him, it is not possible to put an end to the parties’ existence or their role.

I I am against political Islam because this ideology is opposed to democracy…. The person at the head of the country must be a legitimate ruler. It is up to us to choose… There have been cases of exclusion of parties that do not believe in democracy. No freedom for the enemies of freedom like the communists in the USA… The example that I appreciate the most is France, Italy and Spain. We had allowed these parties to exist and eventually they ended up disappearing… The draft of the new constitution of 20 June 2022 had guaranteed a space for separation between the state and religion… The 2014 constitution was flawed… We had proposed a constitution establishing a democratic system… There was a deviation and the promulgation of a constitution that had nothing to do with democracy… She set up a dictatorship “, He continued.

Amen Mahfoudh have explained than Abir Mossyparty chairman Destourian Available, Fade Abdelkefipresident by Afek melodies as well as several other entities and components of civil society had called for support for the draft constitution prepared by the commission. The law professor believed that Kaïs Said was more dangerous than some parties. He explained that his latest book included a study and analysis of the constitution and other decrees that allowed the president of the republic to establish a dictatorship. He believed that the mandate of Kaïs Said had ceased after the 2014 Constitution was replaced by the 2022 Constitution. He believed that only a dictator or a king would not accept elections.

that draft constitution for the commission helps unite people who defend democracy… Tunisia must be a democratic country… Unfortunately, our history does not allow it… We can revise this text and add some elements… We cannot have a difference between rights and freedoms… This can take place within the framework of political activism… We will bring together parties, public figures and sections of civil society who believe in this idea… The legitimacy of the new constitution is weak… The lack of candidates shows the reluctance of the Tunisians “, he declared.

Amen Mahfoudh criticized the exclusion of dual citizens and Tunisian Jews through the provisions of the decree revising the electoral law. He assured that this was contrary to international standards. He also mentioned the blocking of movement in the judiciary. He felt that Kais Said sought to control this work to subject it to its will. He later criticized the absence of a constitutional court, concluding that this served him well because of questions about the constitutionality of the decrees issued.


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