*aAa* creates a Bachelor Esport Business in collaboration with the ESG Sport school

The *aAa* team is proud to announce the creation of a Bachelor Esport Business in partnership with the ESG Sport school, member of the Galileo Global Education group, world leader in private higher education. This diploma, recognized by the state, delivers a title of communications officer and will train students in Paris over three years from 2023 and will have the mission of preparing them for careers in communications and e-sports.

Bachelor Esport Business: communication and esport training

*aAa* at the controls of Bachelor Esport Business

We’re not telling you anything, eSports is a sector whose expansion continues. Both in terms of audience and finances, the number is growing, and the discipline creates many vocations. In addition to the players, many professions have established themselves in this ecosystem, which celebrates its first quarter of a century and sees its needs growing day by day.

If a large number of self-taught people have allowed eSports to reach where it is today, it is clear to recognize that the levels it has reached in recent years could not have been without the help and contribution of the experience of ​​profiles from other areas such as events, communication or marketing.

It is for this reason that *aAa* wanted to develop and supervise a Bachelor Esport Business with the ESG Sport school and thus take on the role of leader of the Esport Business sector. The idea is of course not to train players, but to understand the various communication disciplines by taking esports in all its facets as a guideline. This training is based on a Bac +3 diploma recognized by the state and more precisely gives a title of communication officer at RNCP 6 level.

Marie-Laure “Kayane” Norindr godmother of Bachelor Esport Business

Marie-Laure “Kayane” Norindr has been a professional fighting game player for many years, an event organizer and even a columnist on the Game One channel… She is one of the most active personalities on the French sports scene. Previously, she wore the colors of the *aAa* team for a long time and was notably crowned as the Women’s World Champion in Street Fighter IV in 2010, just that. From now on, she adds a new string to her bow by becoming the godmother of this Bachelor Esport Business.

I am the godmother of the eSports sector in ESG Sport and I will do my best to support the sector, that is to help students engage with eSports, to provide the skills they need during their course, and make them operational at the end of their course.

Marie-Laure” Kayane »Norindr

Professional education over three years from January 2023

Why Create a Bachelor Esports Business?

Originally, a business school wanted to expand its training to e-sports, based on opportunism, but also in line with reality. We were therefore encouraged from the start of the project, and after a period of reflection, market observation and exchange with ESG, we found it appropriate to create specific training courses within the field of communication and esports. Due to our experience and our longevity in the field, we consider ourselves to be legitimate in this respect to develop it.

If you have been a reader of our site for several years, you have probably heard about so-called “esport” or “pro gaming” schools that lack much seriousness. They have damaged the image of esports and its education in France Today we want to offer students a real training solution and share with them our know-how and our experience in this field by relying on important and inspiring speakers together with the ESG Sport school and Galileo Global The Education group, the world leader in higher education.

The teaching focused primarily on practical application

This education aims to make students attractive to companies in the communication and esports sector. The professionalization dynamic is thus prevalent, to allow students to be operational and employable as soon as they leave school in various sectors, especially in eSports, but not only.

Indeed, the pedagogical path chosen to achieve this goal is based on various points of importance. For example, students will attend classes where practice and real scenarios will be ubiquitous, will experience immersion in companies through work study programs or internships, will attend conferences given by experts in the fields concerned, will participate in professional projects or even competitive challenges, where they will work with real business cases etc.

Alongside teachers of traditional subjects from a business school, speakers from the electronic sports world will be selected by *aAa*.

Starts in January and September 2023 in Paris

As for the opening of the first and third year classes, it is planned for January 2023. The teaching will take place at the ESG Sport campus located in the Jean-Bouin Stadium, opposite the Parc des Princes, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

You can find the detailed program and all information about registrations on the ESG Sport website.

And to find out more, don’t hesitate to attend the next open house on Saturday, November 19!

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