what are the advantages of the SNCF service?

Inaugurated in 2017, Business Première is the new TGV INOUI offer, intended for professional customers. On the program: boarding speed, comfort on board, Wi-Fi connection and other first-class services… And with the TGV INOUI Liberty card, currently available from just €269, travelers can enjoy discounts from -60% on 2nd class for – 45% on 1st class on the Business Premiere price!

High speed comfort

It is the enemy of people who have a series of business trips: wasted time (waiting). By choosing Business Première, travelers can save precious minutes and reduce waiting times thanks to Express Access: priority queues at the SNCF shop and also when boarding the train. And if you’re early, Grand Voyageur TGV INOUI lounges – equipped with WiFi – are available so you can work in peace, with free drinks and magazines.

With Business Première, other à la carte services are also offered, with in particular -20% reduction and an upgrade offered on the rental of a vehicle from AVIS. Finally, SNCF offers a selection of Taxis and VTC at the best price, as well as hotels that suit your business trips.

Workplace on board

Frequent and regular business trips can become sources of stress and fatigue. And even have a real impact on productivity. When they travel, workers do not necessarily have all the necessary tools at their disposal. By launching the Business Première service, TGV INOUI responds to these needs, in particular by providing a stable, high-quality Wi-Fi connection.

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In addition, all seats are equipped with power and USB ports to charge the various devices with complete peace of mind. As for the shelves, they are all adjusted so that you can sit down properly and comfortably as at a real desk. All in a calm environment that promotes concentration…

Chicky? For a gourmet break, avoid the queue by ordering the desired dish or snack at lebar.sncf via your smartphone.

Flexibility for the benefit of travelers

When it comes to professional appointments, and especially those scheduled hundreds of miles away, it is not uncommon to have to reschedule them. This requires reorganisation, but also additional costs associated with a new booking… By choosing the Business Première service, all train tickets can be refunded and exchanged free of charge, and this up to 30 minutes after the departure of your train. And if the new train you absolutely want is full, you can still board (though without guarantee of a seat).

Finally, thanks to the application With the TGV INOUI PRO app, you can organize and reorganize your journey, dematerialize your loyalty cards and follow real-time traffic information at your destination, all from your smartphone. TGV INOU I Liberty Card: reductions of up to 60% on the Business Premiere fare

To support professionals this back-to-school season, SNCF is launching an exclusive promotion reserved for frequent travelers. Until October 31, the Liberté TGV INOUI card costs only €299 instead of €399. And by subscribing to the Pro Card for free, VSEs, SMEs and the self-employed can even benefit from a further reduction of 30 euros, i.e. €269 instead of €379.

The Liberté card is profitable on only 4 round trips per year and allows you to save up to -60% on 2nd class on the Business Première price in TGV INOUI and -45% in Business Premiere, but also between -25% and -50% on TER journeys depending on the region. Finally, if you travel to Luxembourg, Switzerland or Germany, reductions are also applied to your train tickets within Europe. Simplify your life to function better: Take the train!

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In collaboration with OUI.SNCF

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