Village de la Francophonie opens its doors on November 13, 2022 at Parc Djerba Explore

Village de la Francophonie opens its doors on November 13, 2022 at Parc Djerba Explore

During a press conference organized today in Tunis in the presence of Mr. Mohamed Trabelsi, Media Coordinator of the 18th Francophonie Summit, Mrs. Mamia Taktek, Commissioner of the Village of La Francophonie, Mrs. Mounira Mnif, President of the Culture and Tourism Unit of the Executive Committee of the Francophonie Summit , Mrs. Emna Ben Yedder, Commissioner of the Tunisian Pavilion, Ms. Salwa Adelkhalek, digital content manager and Mr. Karim Jatlaoui, director of public relations at Ontt, the veil has been lifted on the program of said village, which will open its doors to the public from November 13 to 22, 2022 in “Djerba Explore” Park, and which represents one of ​​the pillars of the Djerba Francophonie Summit 2022.

Begun in 2008 during the Sommet de la Francophonie du Québec, the Village de la Francophonie continues the discovery of cultural diversity, where the French language is the link between the peoples of the French-speaking world. For more than a decade, the villages of La Francophonie have been organized by the host country at the same time as the summit of heads of state and government. It is a friendly place of animation, sharing and exchange, open to the public, where all participants can highlight their cultural, artistic and craft heritage.

Throughout the summit period, the Village de la Francophonie will be the real beating heart and nerve center of the island of Djerba, whose aim is to highlight the cultural diversity that represents the richness of the Francophonie. Handicrafts, tourist and cultural attractions, conferences, workshops as well as French-speaking culinary specialties will be widely presented. Pavilions will be available to member countries and organizations of La Francophonie to present their cultural and artisanal distinctiveness. A stage, workshops and workshops will be dedicated to artistic and cultural performances and will allow participants to present a playful, didactic and cultural program accompanied by artistic performances. The various activities on the program will give young French-speaking talents the opportunity to connect and explore new horizons.

It is in this spirit that the village was designed, bringing together many activities with a multidimensional economic, cultural, media, technological and of course educational vocation. Through these calls, the Village de la Francophonie will fit perfectly into the spirit of the summit’s theme, namely: Connection in diversity: Digital technology, vector for development and solidarity in the French-speaking world “.

The village’s program will thus revolve around 194 events from more than 30 countries and institutions participating in the summit, 27 pavilions will be made available to the states and member organizations of the OIF, to present their heritage, culture and civilization, and will revolve around about:

– 17 culinary tasting workshops,

– an exhibition about the art of calligraphy,

– film screenings,

– 37 workshops and a cycle of conferences on various themes,

– 43 artistic and musical performances from the various states participating in the summit,

– 11 virtual shows in the immersive exhibition area and 21 programs broadcast on the streaming platform will immerse visitors in a space-time journey through the different French-speaking civilizations.

The village of La Francophonie will be inaugurated on Sunday 13 November 2022 and will then be open to the public from Tunisia and elsewhere. The National Organizing Committee will provide the public with free and regular transport from the center of the island to the “Djerba Explore” park.


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