Olfa Hamdi calls Sihem Nemsia a liar and compares her to Khaznadar

The president of the Third Republic Party, Olfa Hamdi, believed that the Tunisian people were the victims of Finance Minister Sihem Nemsia’s monetary policy. She held her responsible for the state budgets prepared since the revolution of January 14, 2011.” The dark decade mentioned by the President of the Republic, whose very essence is none other than the Minister of Finance… Slaves in North Africa ate only couscous… At the moment, more than three million Tunisians live on less than 500 dinars a month… They work night and day and can only buy couscous, oil and tomatoes! “, she added.

Invited to the “politica” program hosted by Zouheir El Jiss and broadcast on Jawhara Fm radio, Olfa Hamdi claimed that Sihem Nemsia lied during the interview broadcast by Attessia Tv on November 3, 2022. The minister had denied the intention to privatize public enterprises . However, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had announced in a press release that the agreement triggered the case. Olfa Hamdi claimed that Sihem Nemsia was unable to adopt a policy that guarantees economic growth or to obtain financing from entities other than the IMF. According to her, Sihem Nemsia did not present a guarantee to the IMF during the negotiations.

Tunisia has a habit of borrowing $4 billion… It only got $1.9 billion… Sihem Nemsia told the IMF that the president may not stand for the 2023 elections… The head of government, the foreign minister or the finance minister have never spoken about the president of the republic or about the process he has started… They are ashamed of him… The absence of an official letter from the major nations congratulating Tunisia on the success of the referendum should have led to the dismissal of the foreign minister.. .Today our embassy in Washington had to prepare for the results of the elections for the new senate… The Zionist lobby will make us pay dearly for the speeches of the president supporting the Palestinian cause “, she continued.

The President of the Third Republic Party felt that Sihem Nemsia had lost her credibility due to the contradictions between her statements and the IMF press release. She also concluded that the head of state, Kaïs Saïed, no longer trusted her. She justified this observation with the absence of meetings between the minister and the president. The absence of a statement from Kais Saïed on the subject of the agreement means, according to her, the possibility of resuming negotiations with the IMF.

Olfa Hamdi called on the President of the Republic to postpone the parliamentary elections. It found that these should take place in 2024 at the same time as the presidential election and the election of the members of the National Council of Regions and Districts. She believed that Tunisia should have a state of economic emergency. This law should include tax reconciliation, mechanisms to strengthen economic cooperation with neighboring countries, and the release of certain defendants pending their court appearance.

The economic emergency law in the hands of Marie Antoinette (referring to Najla Bouden) and Khaznadara (referring to Sihem Nemsia) will have the opposite of the intended effect… We need a real leader of the government… We must not limit ourselves to Marie Antoinette… I am ready to lead the country from any position…Mr. president! Evaluate the performance of your ministers! “, she said.

Moreover, Olfa Hamdi also compared Ali Kooli, former finance minister, to Mustapaha Khaznadar. This historical figure was the first vizier of the Husseinite dynasty from 1855 to 1873. He is known for imposing heavy taxes, making risky loans and embezzling the treasury for his own benefit.


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