EcoRéseau Business – Quickly understood on November 9

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Michel-Edouard Leclerc raises the threat of double-digit inflation • Michel-Édouard Leclerc seemed frantic, even worried, on Tuesday, November 8, at the microphone of the morning of the RMC. This proud Breton, who has just opened his first Parisian store in Montparnasse, is a devilish voluntarist. Its stated aim: to reduce prices for the French, especially as the holidays approach… EMAIL is convinced of this: “Inflation will be double-digit at the start of the year. Worse: “We’re headed for a recession by 2023.” Leclerc continues: “Meat consumption has fallen by 7.6%. The French buy 10% less cream products, 14% less fish. From now on, the big shop owner fears anger at the tills and protest movements in the shops…

Malongo coffee produces their new machine in Vendée • What is the secret of the Vendée? This proud French region is proof that no decline is unstoppable. Despite its rather rural nature, the department enjoys full employment, economic dynamism is vibrant, industry is flourishing. The proof is with the label Malongo, a big name in organic and fair trade coffee, which now produces its new machine in La-Roche-sur-Yon, an imperial city which is also the capital of the Vendée. 320 copies leave the production site every day. A financially sustainable challenge: the purchase price is 119 euros. Nice chop for Made in Francewhich is currently holding its big annual meeting, Porte de Versailles!

(Photo Alain JOCARD / AFP)

Hidalgo breaks his promise and doubles the property tax • The Parisian owners find themselves Gros-Jean as before. Despite what she always assured during her 2020 municipal campaign, Anne Hidalgo decided to raise property taxes by 52%. The capital must indeed fill the gap in a gaping debt: more than 8 billion euros. The first city in France that can’t balance its budget… So the taxpayers are being called to the rescue, and not just a little bit. Not pleased, Anne Hidalgo blames the state, which would not help Paris enough to cope. So what about small rural areas? Gabriel Attal, budget minister, answered briefly: “As often with Madame Hidalgo, the state has a good back! The state cannot remedy the management problems of the city of Paris and its lack of structural reforms. To take just one example, the communication department at the Hôtel-de-Ville is very 471 officials.

The Fable of the Communist and the Earthworm • Here’s Ch’ti again. Fabien Roussel, the head of the Communist Party, former presidential candidate and current deputy from the North, has embarked on a grand tour of France. Goal: to appear as a hero in a popular France, far from Nupe’s wanderings. To talk about everyday life, with people, at home. He was at the beginning of the week in Mayenne in Laval to talk a little. In front of the 200 people who came to listen to him during this non-election period. Everything applies: Ukraine, refugees, wages, culture… And earthworms! A man rightly explains the meaning of the worm. Roussel replies, all too happy: “Thank you sir! Earthworms are our friends, they are as important as bees. If we want to keep soils rich and fertile, we must protect them. » But confused, the brave citizen became angry and left the room, visibly displeased with the answer… “I’m outraged, you’re on. “Always more than a worm!

Thursday 10 November, a black day in Ile-de-France transport • Measure zero. Zero metro, zero RER. This is the strange slogan that unites the unions. They are preparing to block, this Thursday, November 10, the entire capital region. “Traffic was very seriously disrupted this Thursday on the entire network”, already indicates RATP, who is afraid of what is to come. CGT-RATP, FO Pôle Traction, Unsa, Solidaires RATP and La Base: here is the list of recalcitrants. At stake is the salary increase.

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