crises create new opportunities, the Community

By creating new expectations and new needs, crises open up opportunities for daring entrepreneurs. They encourage innovation and accelerate the development of agile start-ups.

Philippe Deljurie confirms it: ideas for creating boxes, at the moment he has about ten! His ideas, this entrepreneur, co-founder of Meteojob and experienced business angel, says he draws them “in relation to the errors in the present context”, characterized by the health crisis and the limitations of physical distancing. If he were to launch a start-up today, it might be “digitize short circuits”.

After a period of wonder, which freezes most business projects, the time will come for new ideas to emerge. The health and economic crises are certainly synonymous with many restrictions, but they are new needs arise. They open up a period of opportunity, innovation and conquest of new markets.

Sniff out possibilities

“Entrepreneurs will succeed in finding niches or developing their activity towards what they did not dare to do before”, confirms Sophie Jalabert. However, the general delegate of the support network for the creation and development of BGE companies does not want to “Selling Dreams”. The future will not be bright for everyone : it expects 30% bankruptcies among French entrepreneurs due to the economic slowdown.

Others will be able to smell the air of time… “Some will be able to transform the way they produce their services and take market share where they had none”, supports Bénédicte Sanson. The general delegate of the mentor association for young entrepreneurs Moovjee quotes the example of the young shoot Edusignwhich offers a digital timesheet signing service for training organisations. “She is a hit. The current context has accelerated its fame and visibility. »

Actors in business creation supporting the ecosystem cite several opportunity sectors due to the crisis: connected health, video conferencing, last-mile logistics, quality food, short circuits or even cyber security…
“And if it works today, in a maximum stress field, it will be much easier afterwards”assures Philippe Deljurie.

The entrepreneur knows what he is talking about! In 2007, he helped found the job search site Meteojob. In the second half of the following year, the recruitment market collapsed. Meteojob then decided to diversify by selling its technology, i.e. its platform, in addition to its service. Choice “very pragmatic”recalls Philippe Deljurie.

Merely rethinking its business model

The current crisis is affecting another start-up, Time2Scale, which he helped to create in 2017, as an investor. Initially, the company provides recruiters to small businesses struggling to hire on a timeshare basis. The crisis gave rise to Time2Scale “catch the weak signals about their prospects to imagine new offers”, explains Philippe Deljurie as advice. This is how the start-up now offers to improve the skills of employees who are responsible for recruitment.

Philippe Deljurie considers these experiences as opportunities to create a good ” state of mind “ entrepreneur. For him, times of crisis make it possible to assimilate reflexes by giving back “clever, thrifty and economical”for example, spending less money to attract a customer.

The crisis period can finally be used by entrepreneurs for network, build customer loyalty through communicationor according to Sophie Jalabert, “rethink their business model and sales strategy”. Two things they don’t have “sometimes not time, or not wanting, to do in normal times”.

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