Online Business English Course – Business English with Christina

With Business English with Christina, the American trains hundreds of people remotely in professional English via a method that combines coaching, training and conversation lessons.

Full support to master professional English

Christina Rebuffet has created a program to quickly advance in English and become a leader in her field. This calling began in childhood when the little girl from Mississippi proclaimed loud and clear that she wanted to speak all the languages ​​of the world. Passionate about exchanges, travel and cultures, she discovered France during a university program and returned there to continue her studies. After working for ten years in training organisations, Christina completed a Diploma in English Teaching to Adults at Cambridge and became interested in coaching. For her, this method of support is very well suited to language learning because it makes it possible to define and gradually achieve goals. Christina is certified in neurolinguistic coaching and mental preparation for athletes and launched her website in 2015.
To design the Business English with Christina programs, she used neuroscience to determine how the brain learns a language. The result is hybrid and resolutely effective: the courses combine professional performance support, English-language coaching and conversation. All this with the aim of mastering 100% English in their professional practice.

Coaching of entrepreneurs, start-ups and employees

Christina Rebuffet started alone and today six other trainers have joined her, present in three countries and three time zones, which makes it possible to schedule training for (almost) anytime and gives great flexibility to clients in their busy schedule .
Business English with Christina is the preferred partner for entrepreneurs who want to develop their business in English, especially thanks to specific support for those preparing to raise funds or planning to establish themselves in the United States. By bringing both their language skills and their excellent knowledge of the American market, the trainers help the managers prepare a pitch adapted to the target’s expectations.

These online English courses are also intended for all employees, managers, project managers, etc. for whom English represents an important effort. Many of them already work in English but feel stuck. To achieve the same level of performance as in their mother tongue, Business English with Christina offers different modules.

Among the most popular, Business English Mastery is a virtual immersion in professional English, focusing on trainees’ professional skills. Speak Business English helps you regain the confidence to speak. These programs combine individual sessions to work with the student’s specific situations, group coaching to build on the strength of the community, and a conversation club in pairs. Three other courses are also in the form of pre-recorded videos, for individual access.

Training to speak English fluently and confidently

If this professional English education is so effective, it is due to several reasons. Naturally, the high quality of the teaching, delivered by native teachers who, in addition to their educational qualifications, all have experience in the working world. But above all, Business English with Christina goes far beyond just learning English: it is global coaching that improves the clients’ professional performance. For example, Christina intervened with a company that found its sales videos aimed at US customers weren’t working. Thanks to his support (in English, of course), the client was able to adapt the way he presented his products and services to the American target to generate more sales. Coaches also help employees prepare presentations in English, both in terms of content and form.
Finally, the intercultural dimension of the education is an undeniable quality criterion. By opening up to all participants, regardless of their mother tongue, their activity and their place of residence, Business English with Christina promises very enriching exchanges. Discussions in English are no longer just language exercises, but the building of an eclectic network, which sometimes turns into professional relationships.

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